Tuesday, September 14, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Reggie Bush will give back his Heisman

Reggie Bush and what was his Heisman/File
A release, given by the New Orleans Saints, on their website says that 2005 Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush has decided to give up his trophy.

Bush, the target of an investigation that helped put his alma mater USC on probation said in his statement, . that "The persistent media speculation regarding allegations dating back to my years at USC has been both painful and distracting. In no way, should the storm around these allegations reflect in any way on the dignity of this award, nor on any other institutions and individuals."

He also added that "For the rest of my days, I will continue to strive to demonstrate through my actions and words that I was deserving of the confidence placed in me by the Heisman Trophy Trust.

Wow! This is a bit of a stunner. There was talk that the Trust might be considering taking the trophy away and in fact, this may an offer for an easy way out to save face. We don't know, nor may we ever know that.

Either way, this is a shocker and while it won't fix the allegations or problems that it has caused for everyone involved, hopefully, everyone else will move on to another story.

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