Wednesday, September 15, 2010

OSG High: Daxx Garman, High School Quarterback without a High School

Daxx Garman plays football/Courtesy:
This is an update to a story that we told you about back on August 25th. It involves a highly sought after high school football quarterback by the name of Daxx Garman.

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To summarize. Garman's family moved from Oklahoma to the metro Dallas area, arguably to play at a better high school, noted Texas powerhouse Southlake Carroll.

Well, it appears as the the governing body for high school football in the state has made a ruling on Garman's eligibility. They ruled that the Garman family move from Oklahoma was "Made for athletic purposes, which is forbidden by the UIL" (Governing body). They cited a document that the family signed to lease a home in the Southlake district which said that if Garman is not accepted in the Carroll program, they could cancel the lease. 


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Yeah, this doesn't pass the smell test. For whatever reason, a couple of Dallas area media outlets began asking around about this story and low and behold, the truth comes out. No, the Southlake people are pretty pissed off about it. They shouldn't be.

Look at the kid's history. We aren't saying that he's a bad kid. He may be a great kid. But the bottom line is, school districts are in place for a reason. Sure, it's common knowledge that those boundaries get bent for sports purposes, it's happened for years. And it will continue.

No, the problem is they got caught. We suspect that there will be tons of blame on the media for this and there shouldn't be. Someone tipped them off, they did some digging and wow...they found a story. Whether it goes on all the time or not is irrelevant. The fact is the Garman family and Southlake got caught.

Daxx, for his part, is already committed to play at Arizona. That probably won't change. We just hope the case reminds people that for all the trappings, high school sports at a certain level has become a business, just like the game at higher levels.

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Peyton said...

I grew up in Southlake and I've met Daxx a couple of times because I know his sister Dallis. I graduated from this high school which is not called Southlake High School. The school itself is Carroll Senior High School and the district is Carroll ISD. In sports CSHS is a lot of time just referred to as Southlake Carroll or SLC. From my personal experience Daxx is pretty normal. If anything all this media crap's made his head even bigger.