Sunday, September 26, 2010

Aroldis Chapman: The Fastest Of All Time

Brother Phil, at the OSG North HQ, has seen his degree of the Reds phenom this year...

His control was an issue, so the Redlegs sent him to Triple-A Louisville to get everything under control. It was, kinda, Nuke Laloosh-ie- incredible speed, no control.

But the parent club has figured out that, placed in a controlled environment, Chapman can be virtually unhittable. Friday night was the most recent example.

Since radar guns were introduced in the 1980s and most seen by the Dodgers scout wearing his panama hat, the fastest pitch recorded was 104.8 mph by Joel Zumaya of the Detroit Tigers in a playoff game in 2006. Chapman, who defected from the Cuban national team in 2009, was clocked at 104 on September 1st in his second major league appearance and also hit 105 mph with a pitch for Triple-A Louisville earlier this season.

Chapman threw 25 pitches in his 1 1/3 innings of relief, and every one was at least 100 mph.

That's just flat silly...
Here's your record breaker...
((HT: Youtube/MLB/MLBAM))

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