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OSG Polls: The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel...Week 2

Funny thing about college football. Pundits, writers and fans either think their team has won the NCAA Championship or should give up the sport.

We're here to tell you...neither are true. Too many weeks left and too many curveballs yet to come. Patience is a virtue...things have a way of sorting themselves out.

Much like this point last season, we again refer you to the men learning about their mission. Thanks YouTube:

Without further is this weeks list: (Last week 12-2, not a bad start)


1) Alabama 2-0. As much as we hate to admit it, they haven't given a reason not to be here yet. They cruised over Penn State. This Week: Alabama 37, Duke 16

Wilkie: Here's a stat for you trivia buffs, Duke is 2-1 hosting reigning national champions at Wallace Wade Stadium. It will be 2-2 after Saturday.
Alabama 48, Duke 28

Nelson: Cruising even more in memory of Wallace Wade 38-6 Bama...

2) Boise St. 1-0
. Last week was a vacation. Suddenly week 1 wasn't looking like such a great win. We still think they are this good however. People in the south don't, but most of them are delusional. This Week: Boise St. 41, Wyoming 14

Wilkie: Boise State has never lost to Wyoming and won't after Saturday. The Broncos are for real. Boise State 45, Wyoming 10

Nelson: I don't think this one will be anything close to close... Boise 48-10
3) Ohio St. 2-0
. Thought they'd win, but struggle against Miami. They really didn't. Still, they are the same team they've been the past couple of years. Believe it. This Week: Ohio St. 37, Ohio 10

Wilkie: Ohio State look pretty good against Miami. The Ohio State University 38, The Ohio University 7

Nelson: I think the Fighting Solichs will put up a fight for a while, but fade late... 34-17
4)TCU 2-0.
We still argue they are good and they may in fact be better than the other BCS buster Boise. Time will tell. This Week: TCU 41, Baylor 27

Wilkie: Always love those old Southwest Conference match-ups. Robert Griffin will give the TCU defense fits. The Frogs will handle the Bears. TCU 34, Baylor 24

Nelson: My first play is to take the over- whatever it is... 45-24 TCU
5) Oregon 2-0
They have been convincing. Very convincing. Sure, they got down 13-0 against Tennessee, but they scored 48 straight. This Week: Oregon 53, Portland St. 6

Wilkie: Remember when OSG jumped on the Portland State bandwagon? We are officially off that. Which uniforms will the Ducks wear? Oregon 58, Portland State 3

Nelson: Go Viks! And take the Beavers with you... the run and shoot is shot. 58-9 Oregon
6)Texas 2-0
We just aren't on the bandwagon. They are lacking in several areas. Passing the ball is a problem. They are going to have to get better. This Week: Texas 24, Texas Tech 16

Wilkie: Texas never enjoys heading out to West Texas to play in Lubbock. I'm with brother Phil, Texas hasn't impressed me either in fact.... I'm starting to smell upset. Texas Tech 31, Texas 28

Nelson: You're both wrong... Texas 33-24
7)Nebraska 2-0
. They have a bonafide star in the making with Taylor Martinez. They are starting to look like a threat to the Texas/Oklahoma reign in the Big 10/12. Too bad they'll be leaving. This Week: Nebraska 27, Washington 17

Wilkie: It's your grandfathers/fathers Nebraska Cornhuskers. Nebraska 31, U-Dub 21

Nelson: I don't think Washington gets that many: 27-10
8)Oklahoma 2-0
They flat out took it to Florida State. We didn't see that coming. But hey, big props to them. Landry Jones and DeMarco Murray lead a pretty good offense. This Week: Oklahoma 31, Air Force 17

Wilkie: Air Force look pretty darn good against BYU last week, the flyboys come down to earth in Norman this Saturday. Oklahoma 34, Air Force 13

Nelson: Excuse me, sir. YOU didn't see it coming, but some of the rest of us did. I think Wilkie is in the ballpark on this one, 31-10
9) Florida 2-0
. Okay. I'm going out on a limb here. They won't stay undefeated all year unless something changes. Losing Chris Rainey due to stupidity won't help. Giving Jeff Demps the ball more will. This Week: Florida 28, Tennessee 17

Wilkie: Remember when the Florida-Tennessee game was appointment television? My how things have changed. Tennessee will get their second butt kicking at Neyland. Florida 44, Tennessee 10. Big Orange fans, you deserve better.

Nelson: Look somewhere in the middle... 31-13...
Mmmmm... palindromes...
10) Iowa 2-0
. They've been solid. Not spectacular, just solid. They always are. They'll lose eventually to someone they shouldn't. But it won't be this week. This Week: Iowa 21, Arizona 17

Wilkie: This is a intersectional match-up that's flying under the radar. Love this match-up and I'm leaning toward the Wildcats. Bear down Arizona. Arizona 24, Iowa 21

Nelson: Stanzi gets it done in the clutch, 24-20 Iowa
11) South Carolina 2-0
. Last week they were impressive in beating Georgia. Marcus Lattimore was a beast. The question is: can he carry it that much the rest of the way? Is this the Ball Coach's best team? This Week: South Carolina 31, Furman 10

Wilkie: Look out, South Carolina is becoming the "it" team in the SEC East. South Carolina 45, Furman 7

Nelson: Early lead to cruise late and Lattimore goes completely off... 38-3
12) Wisconsin 2-0
. As long as they have John Clay, they will be competitve. We still look at this team, much like we look at Iowa. We hope one of them will prove us wrong. This Week: Wisconsin 21, Arizona St. 13

Wilkie: I'm going with the Badgers too. Wisconsin 24, Arizona State 10

Nelson: Three in a row here... and take the under...


5) Virginia Tech 0-2. We always love being able to put a team thought to be a frontrunner here. Come on...losing to James Madison? This Week: Va. Tech 23, East Carolina 21

Wilkie: Frank Beamer was at a loss for words after the James Madison Game. It was an inexcusable loss by the Hokies. It's beginning to look like the season from hell in Blacksburg. Until the Hokies show some life, Virginia Tech is staring at 0-3 heading into their ACC opener against Boston College. East Carolina 24, Virginia Tech 21

Nelson: I'll go there, too. Skip Holtz wil be ready- 24-20 ECU

4)Memphis 0-2
. The fighting Fed-Ex'ers are pretty bad. So far the opponents are averaging 49 a game off the Tigers. That won't change. This week. MTSU 49, Memphis 20

Wilkie: Does anyone know in Memphis know they have a football team in town? MTSU 49, Memphis 21

Nelson: Where's Tommy West...???38-17 Mit-soo...
3)Eastern Michigan 0-2.
They've been here before. Yes, they've played their 1st two games close and that might happen again. But when it is all said and done. They'll end up here. This Week: Central Mich. 31, E. Michigan 23

Wilkie: Ron English is 0-14 as the Eagles head coach. The first win doesn't come against the Chippawas. Central Michigan 37, E. Michigan 21

Nelson: Ron English still has a job...??? 31-7 Central
2) Western Kentucky 0-2
. Yes, they are still 0-for Division 1. Or 22 losses in a row for those who are counting. Don't look for that to change any time soon. This Week: Indiana 45, WKU 22

Wilkie: Why is Indiana going to Bowling Green, Kentucky? The Hills won't take home field advantage. Indiana 41, Western Kentucky 13

Nelson: The Hills are alive with the sound of Griswold, not WKU football... 35-13 Indiana

1) New Mexico 0-2
We still are waiting to hear about the fire Mike Locksley website. Surely someone in New Mexico realizes just how bad his team is. Right? Somebody? Anybody? Bueller? This Week: Utah 51, New Mexico 3

Wilkie: This game will be over during pre-game warm ups. Utah 65, New Mexico 0
Nelson: Utah 127, New Mexico negative-4...

Special mention. Yes, Washington State gets a one-week reprieve due to the fact they beat Montana State in a nail biter. We suspect they will be back soon. Very soon.

Wilkie: Wazzou will be back next week. The Cougars play at SMU. June Jones' offense will have a field day against Paul Wulff's pups.

Nelson: There will be no June swoon... Go Mustangs...

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