Monday, September 27, 2010

Gallo found guilty in death of Adenhart

Andrew Gallo-booking photo/Courtesy: Anaheim PD
There is finally some resolution in the drunk driving accident that killed Los Angeles Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart in April of 2009.

The man behind the wheel of the car that crashed into Adenhart's, Andrew Gallo, was found guilty of 3 counts of 2nd degree murder. That same crash took the life of the other people in the car with Adenhart--Courtney Stewart and Henry Pearson.

Here is the text version of what happened from the Orange County Register....RIGHT HERE

This was a horrible story that reinforces everything that people say about drunk driving. Gallo had no business behind the wheel of any vehicle, yet he was and took the life of three people because of it.

For his part, Mr. Gallo may be looking at up to 50 years in jail for this, though we don't believe he'll serve nearly that much. We only hope the guilt from what he did will resonate with him for the rest of his life. Though we don't normally rant on someone's stupidity, in this case it is warranted. There is no excuse for this happening. Period.

Check out the TV version of today's verdict. Courtesy of ABC7 in Los Angeles, though you'll have to click on to the link since their embed code is bad.

Here's Carolyn Costello's report from outside the courtroom...

Here's how KNX-1070 Newsradio delivered analysis after the verdict came down...

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