Friday, September 24, 2010

UNC SGA To Handle Athlete Tutor Issues


Yeah, this doesn't have any kind of funky smell to it or anything...

UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp told the Board of Trustees Thursday that information on the cases of athletes and their academic tutor shenanigans have been handed over to the student attorney general.

"If they violated honor code," Thorp said, "they go before student court."

Not like the fellow students won't have any kind of rose-colored-glasses approach...

The student justice system gets to review each case and figure out if athletes face charges in the student honor court.

And, if they're found to have wronged the school...??? What then...???
They have to read books or something as punishment...???

The one saving grace is that student-athletes can't play football until they are cleared by the student court even if they have been cleared by the NCAA.

To recap: Twelve players- cornerbacks Charles Brown and Kendric Burney, wide receiver Greg Little, defensive ends Michael McAdoo, Robert Quinn and Linwan Euwell, safeties Brian Gupton, Da’Norris Searcy, Jonathan Smith and Deunta Williams and tailback Ryan Houston out of the team's first two contests while the university and NCAA determine their eligibility.

The university announced penalties Wednesday for Burney and Williams- six and four games, respectively, and the two have to pay the amount of their benefit to a charity of their choosing...

Another player believed to be linked to the probe, defensive tackle Marvin Austin, is suspended for a violation of team rules.

WRAL's Bruce Mildwurf caught up with Thorp...

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