Wednesday, September 29, 2010

An OSG College Football Status Report After 1/3 Of The Season

Time flies when you are having fun and can you believe we are one-third of the way through what has been one hell of a college football season. Boise State and TCU are up their with the big boys. The ACC and Big East conferences have not helped their underachieving reputation. The Mountain West once again has proved it deserves BCS status and the SEC and Big 10 are flexing their muscles while the Pac 10 is on the rise.

That leads us to the OSG college football status report.

The Final Four – The Best Teams In College Football So Far

Alabama – The reigning national champions are still playing like the best team in the country. The Crimson Tide dominates both sides of the line, have two of the best running backs in the country in Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson and a quarterback who rarely makes mistakes (although Greg McIlroy had a couple against Arkansas last Saturday.) ‘Bama has a few more tests to pass and with Jolly Ole St. Nick running the show you tend to think the Tide will.

Oregon – Duck fans including their very deep pocketed one Phil Knight should be ecstatic about Oregon’s season. In each of Oregon’s four games the Quack Attack offense has put over 40 points on the board and leads the Pac – 10 in virtually every offensive category. Oregon heads into teeth of their Pac-10 schedule facing Stanford Saturday. That game will tell us where the Ducks are in the Pac-10.

Boise State – Lay off the Broncos. Boise State has proven they can play with the big boys with wins over Virginia Tech and Oregon State. There talent is far above the run of the mill WAC schools so don’t knock them for that. Boise State may not be an automatic BCS qualifier but the Broncos are doing what they have to do to compete for the crystal ball. Unless Boise State loses a game they shouldn’t deal with it, the Broncos are for real.

TCU – The Horned Frogs are probably the best team in the state of Texas. If TCU were in a BCS conference they might be just as good. Those of us at the OSG HQ think TCU is better than Boise State. TCU has one big test to pass at Utah, win that and TCU is in business.

TCU and Boise State have one BCS common opponent, Oregon State. The Horned Frogs beat the Beavers 30 – 21. Boise State defeated Oregon State 37-24. Judge for yourselves but that appears to be a pick’em.

Those of us at the OSG HQ think right now no matter what Boise State and TCU do they have almost no shot of playing for the BCS Championship Game and that’s a shame. If college football had a final four they would be there.

Teams To Watch Out For:

Stanford – We knew the Cardinal would be good but they are scary good. If Stanford gets by Oregon you might be able to bet the farm that the tree will be shaking in Pasadena.

Nebraska – The Cornhusker team you knew and loved growing up is back. Quarterback Taylor Martinez has been fantastic. Any question the Huskers are going to win the Big 12 North.

NC State – Before you say “huh” hear us out. The Wolfpack are rolling and have two of their toughest games, Virginia Tech and Florida State, at home. If the Wolfpack keep this up and “Don’t drink the Kool-Aid” as offensive coordinator Dana Bible said then NC State fans might head down to Miami and the Orange Bowl in January.

Heisman Stock: On The Rise

Mark Ingram – Alabama: I know he missed two games to injury but the reigning Heisman Trophy winner ran wild at Duke and pounded Arkansas. He may not win it again but he’s got the nation's attention.

Russell Wilson – NC State: The way Wilson is playing he will get an invite to New York. Wilson is among the NCAA leaders in total offense, moving up the ACC passing charts and leading his team to big wins.

Denard Robinson – Michigan: Robinson is the leader in the clubhouse. He’s been electrifying and has woken up the Wolverine fan base. Those of us at the OSG HQ wonder if Robinson can continue to take the pounding.

Heisman Stock: Dropping

Ryan Mallett – Arkansas: A fourth quarter offensive meltdown with two “WTF” interceptions against Alabama at home really hurts.

Christian Ponder – Florida State: Sticking up the stadium on national TV against Oklahoma will be tough to overcome.

Coaches Who’s Backsides Are Feeling Quite Warm

Houston Nutt – Ole Miss: Losses to Jacksonville State and Vanderbilt already. Call it the curse of Jeremiah Masoli.

Dan Hawkins – Colorado: When will the University begin a collection fund to pay for Hawkins’ buyout?

Mike Locksley – New Mexico: His ass is practically on fire. We expect something to go down soon to stop the madness in Albuquerque.

Tim Brewster - Minnesota: Let's see new stadium, alumni and boosters ready to win, a 1-3 start including a loss to South Dakota. How much is Brewster's buyout?

Coaches Who Have Cooled Off The Hot Seat

Rich Rodriquez – Michigan: That seat still has some warmth to it but after Michigan’s start and the emergence of Denard Robinson Rich Rod new fangled ways in Michigan are beginning to win over the hardcore Wolverine fans.

Ralph Friedgen – Maryland: The Terps have already topped their win total of last year. The Navy win to begin the season was a huge confidence boost for Maryland and despite one setback at West Virginia the Terps have ridden that wave and saving Fridges job.

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