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OSG Polls: The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel, Week 4-Separating the Men from the Boys we get into the heart of the season. We get to the point where the practice games against the FBS teams and the Division II teams and the crappy D-1 schools are over with and conference games kick in full blast.

We learned that Alabama has some resiliency. We learned the Florida might too. We also learned that Texas was over rated and Boise probably wasn't.

Before we get to the poll, our clip of the week has our hero's training for their mission...which much like our football teams, begins this week.

Last Week: 14-2...pretty darn good! 40-6 on the season. Top that boys!

So, as Casey says...."It's on with the Countdown!"

The Dirty Dozen:

1) Alabama 4-0. They had to come back to beat Arkansas deep in the Ozarks. But they did. And they didn't sweat too much doing it. There is some concern with the secondary, but that may be their only weakness. We'll find out. This Week: Alabama 23, Florida 21(Wishing mutual destruction though)

Wilkie: Mutual destruction would be a win-win but that can't happen in college football. Alabama wins it because Jolly Ole St. Nick demands it. Alabama 21, Florida 14

Nelson: I like the "MAD" gambit for the second week in a row... otherwise, Alabama 23 Florida 13

2) Ohio St. 4-0.
They get to move up because they are killing everyone they play. Of course they've only played one real team too. Yes, they'll stay here for awhile because nobody in the Big 10/12 is good enough to beat them. This Week: Ohio St. 41, Illinois 21

Wilkie: The Buckeyes take care of business against the Zookers. Ohio State 45, Illinois 24

Nelson: I don't think Illinois will put up 21 points. TOSU 31-17

3)Boise St. 3-0.
Two ranked teams down one more to go. I've said it before I'll say it again. They might not beat all the SEC teams, but I'd pick 'em over everyone but 'Bama. This is a good football team. This Week: Boise St. 51, New Mexico St. 7

Wilkie: You non-believers in Boise State need to get a clue. Don't hate on the Broncos because they play in the WAC. This week Boise State takes down the Aggies. Boise State 58, New Mexico State 3

Nelson: I'm more in Wilkie's wheelhouse here... Boise 51-6

4)Oregon 4-0.
Another team to watch out for. I still think they are a typical all flash no substance Pac 10/12 team. But that may just be me. Yeah, they can score, but can they stop a good team? This Week: Oregon 37, Stanford 31

Wilkie: We will find out if they can brother Phil because Stanford's offense is damn good. I'm going against the grain a taking the Cardinal. Stanford 31, Oregon 27

Nelson: Stanford 34-31- a signature win for the Harbaugh Administration

5) TCU 4-0.
I really think these guys will be here when the season ends. This is a pretty solid team front to back. Besides, how can you go wrong with Dalton at QB? Please, send some Roadhouse jokes our way. This Week: TCU 47, Colorado St. 13

Wilkie: TCU is the best team in Texas. TCU 45, Colorado State 10

Nelson: The name's Dalton... We're all in the ballpark 42-10

6) Nebraska 4-0.
These aren't your Daddy's Cornhuskers...or are they? They don't throw the ball very well, but they sure can run it. Last week was a let down vs. South Dakota St., but it's time to play big boy football from here on. 


Nelson: I like Idle this week...

7) Florida 4-0. It appears they may have awakened this past week. We are a bit skeptical about that. Now that Trey Burton has introduced himself, you can bet people will be ready for him. Jeff Demps is hurt, there isn't much else. This Week: See #1

Wilkie: Ditto

Nelson: Yeah, that...

8) Oklahoma 4-0.
They got lucky to escape Cincinnati with a "W". Lucky. They are pretty good, but we question if they are "Elite" good. We'll find out this week. This Week: Texas 27, Oklahoma 23

Wilkie: In my opinion the best rivalry in college football. Oklahoma and Texas must have looked ahead to the Red River Rivalry because OU barely beat Cincinnati and Texas had a head scratching loss to UCLA. Oklahoma 31, Texas 28

Nelson: It's all about survival in this one... Oklahoma 27-21

9) Auburn 4-0.
Cam Newton is channeling his inner Tebow. And its working. This is a pretty solid team right now. Who knew the Chizik could coach? Or is there something else going on with the plethora of top rated recruits suddenly going to the Plains? This Week: Auburn 49, La. Monroe 12

Wilkie: If Auburn keeps this up I can't wait for the Iron Bowl. Auburn 48, UL-Monroe 10

Nelson: TBH would kill me if I said Monroe... 45-10 Auburn...

10) Wisconsin 4-0.
They got a break last week and survived their trip to Arizona. I'm still not sold on them as a top 10 team, but I've been known to be wrong too. This Week: Mich. St 24, Wisconsin 21

Wilkie: I'm with brother Phil on the Badgers. The Spartans will be inspired with coach Dantonio back. Michigan State 28, Wisconsin 20

Nelson: I'll go with Wisconsin just to be different...27-23

11) Stanford 4-0.
You go fighting Trees. Any team with a 2-way player named Owen Marecic is cool with us. Yes, Marecic starts at both FB and MLB. We love that! This Week: Unfortunately see #4

Wilkie: See #4

Nelson: Yeah, #4...

12) Utah 4-0.
They get to stay. Really, they haven't done a lot to lose this spot, so they won't. This Week: The Dreaded Bye

The Bottom of the Barrel:

5) Minnesota 1-3. Face it. They just aren't very good. We don't think Tim Brewster will last long, nor will he see Brewster's Millions (had to work that in!). This Week: Northwestern 23, Minnesota 13

Wilkie: Nice one brother Phil. Brewster is keeping the seat warm as deep pocketed Gopher boosters seek out alum Tony Dungy and offer him the world. This week another loss. Northwestern 24, Minnesota 10

Nelson: Another Punky week in Minnesota, Northwestern 23-14

4)New Mexico St. 0-3
. We wonder if the state of New Mexico should give up football. They have some really, really bad teams. Really, think about it. They could use this time of year to get ready for hoops. It would save some money, wouldn't it? This Week: Boise St. 51, New Mexico St. 7

Wilkie: I can't wait until next week when New Mexico and New Mexico State play. I bet those tickets have been gone for months. Boise State 58, NMSU 3

Nelson: Boise 49-7 on a garbage TD late...

3) Eastern Michigan 0-4.
They got "Jacked Up!" last week. But that shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. They aren't good. They haven't been good. They good. This Week: Ohio 3, E. Michigan 2

Wilkie: I think I get it brother Phil, Eastern Michigan is a bad team. The Ohio University 4, Eastern Michigan 2

Nelson: Ohio 2, Eastern 1...

2) W. Kentucky 0-4.
Still 0-for Division One. That will someday change, but we don't know when. They are overmatched against just about everyone. The only reason they aren't the worst of the worst is because of New Mexico. This Week: W.Ky 7, FIU 6 UPSET SPECIAL!!!!!

Wilkie: OK brother Phil I'll go with that. The Hills will be alive with the thrill of victory. WKU 7 FIU 6

Nelson: I can't go there yet... 13-7 FIU...

1) New Mexico 0-4.
The worst program in Divison 1 football. Period! Mike Locksley, the worst coach in D-1 football, Period! How is that man still employed. How does the NCAA let either New Mexico school play football? Period! This Week: UTEP 51, New Mexico 0

Wilkie: How's the high school football in the Land of Enchantment? UTEP 66, New Mexico 3

Nelson: UTEP 67, New Mexico negative-4

There you have it. The best and the worst of College Football. What sayeth you? Agree or disagree? Let us know. In the meantime....enjoy your Saturday.

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