Saturday, September 25, 2010

It looks like Eric Bledsoe's grade issue may be resolved...or not

Eric Bledsoe/Courtesy: Chris Trotman-Getty Images
We've reported a couple of times about the ongoing issues surrounding former University of Kentucky and Alabama high school star Eric Bledsoe.

Accusations are running rampant that Bledsoe had one of his high school grades changed and that would have made him ineligible to play for Kentucky in 2009. Alabama's ruling high school association hasn't commented on the issue.Kentucky for their part says that the NCAA approved everything involved with Bledsoe's record and that if there is or was a problem, there is no way they could have known about it.

Now comes word that the ruling association in Birmingham has upheld Bledsoe's grade and potentially eliminated any question on the issue. Or did they?

The 4-letter word's Andy Katz has more RIGHT HERE

We have no reason really to believe anyone at this point. A thorough examination of the records on Bledsoe left quite a few questions out there. And those questions really haven't been answered yet. It is pretty clear some grades were changed...but by who? And when? We don't know the answer to those questions...and we may never know. It still sounds a little--no...a lot fishy.

((Also note in the Katz story that there is a link to the document in question))

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