Friday, October 8, 2010

Fiesta Bowl Setting Up "Special Committee"

And OSG sources think this is the beginning of the end of John Junker...

From the Fiesta Bowl their ownselves...

In light of new information received by the Fiesta Bowl Board of Directors, the Board has appointed a Special Committee to investigate previous allegations with respect to campaign contributions by current and former Bowl employees.

The Special Committee will consist of Board members Jim Bruner and Steve Whiteman and a former judge. The panel will name its own counsel and operate independently.

“Since these allegations with respect to candidate contributions first came to light last year, I have always stated that, if there is credible information with respect to these allegations, the Bowl will act,” Board Chairman Duane Woods said.

The Special Committee has broad authority to review any and all matters. It does not have a timeframe for its work. The Bowl will have no further comment during the investigation.

“Our expectation is that the Special Committee will conduct a thorough investigation, but it should not – and I’m sure will not – take any shortcuts and do anything short of a complete and thorough investigation,” Woods said.

Woods expressed confidence that the investigation will have no impact on the Fiesta Bowl’s staff and volunteers as they host three bowl games this postseason – the Insight Bowl, Tostitos Fiesta Bowl and Tostitos BCS National Championship Game.

“My job, as well as every member of our staff and our 3,000 volunteers, is to put on the best Fiesta Bowl, Insight Bowl and BCS Championship games ever, and that is what we will do,” Woods said.


And the HQ thinks that any bowl game that is seeing what's going on in Scottsdale will be running around with their hair on fire waiting for some kind of resolution- and hoping they don't have to do the same thing...

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