Thursday, October 7, 2010

Football team forfeits because opponent is too good?????

This is weird. Apparently a Rhode Island high school football team doesn't pay attention to the teams that they schedule.

This coming Friday, St. George's School was scheduled to play Lawrence Academy, a team from the Boston area. However, they won't be playing the game...because St. George's....cancelled.

Read a little more from WHDH-TV in Boston RIGHT HERE

This, is a bit mystifying. Why the school's headmaster publicly said his team was not equipped to play Lawrence is strange. Mismatched football teams play all of the time.

The other question would be this..."Why would you schedule them in the first place?". Would you not know what you are getting into before you schedule the game? It seems pretty least to us. There is an easy way to avoid making your school...and more specifically your school's team a national joke. Do your homework.

Yeah, we know, there will be a segment that says "Good for them" "He doesn't want his kids hurt". That's fine. But when push comes to shove the question still remains..."If this is a problem, why are they on the schedule in the first place?"

Here is the TV Version from NBC 10 in Providence, Rhode Island

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