Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kings owner Maloof arrested for DUI

George Maloof's mug shot/Courtesy: clark county sheriff's dept.
((HT: Big Lead/Jerseychaser.com))

There are several jokes in here that we will try and avoid. It seems as though on of the owners of the Sacramento Kings, George Maloof was busted for DUI over the weekend.

Maloof and his brother own the NBA team, but live in Las Vegas. Among the charges along with DUI, speeding, an illegal turn, driving without a license and no proof of insurance. The obvious questions being: One, does he have a driver? Two, no insurance????

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Well, just because he barely was over the legal limit doesn't make it right now...does it? This, surely will go away or Maloof will just make sure that someone else drives...right?

Either way, bad form here for the co-owner of an NBA team and the Palms hotel.

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