Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pacman Jones mistakenly detained, gets police apology...

Sunday's incident/Courtesy: Clint Daughtery-Cincinnati Enquirer
This is as strange as it sounds. Apparently, shortly after the Cincinnati Bengals threw away a game to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, reserve cornerback and former problem child Adam "Pacman" Jones had...well, a bit of a brush with the local law.

It seems as though while Jones was trying to leave Paul Brown stadium, he had to swerve in traffic to avoid hitting someone on the street. He ended up on the curb. A Cincinnati police officer was nearby and after seeing the incident, ran a check on Jones's license. The check revealed a warrant in Georgia for an "Adam Jones". But it turned out not to be the one that they had in custody.

After 45 minutes of being detained...and held while in handcuffs, Jones was released.
More incident/Courtesy: See above photo

Read more about it from Cincinnati.com RIGHT HERE

Yesterday, "Pacman" got a full press conference/apology. While accepting at face value the apology from PD and the Police Chief, it stirred up a few other issues.

There have been questions over the years about Cincinnati Police targeting Bengals players. We don't think that it was the case here. But, it makes you wonder.

We suspect that had it been anyone else, you wouldn't be hearing about this and quite honestly that is probably true. It's just interesting because of who it involved and that person's past history makes you at least raise an eyebrow.

Every indication here is that police did their due diligence and there was a communication error. Also, Jones has been as honest and hard working a player that the Bengals have had thus far. We salute him for making the effort at turning his career around, something he has hinted at in the past, but up until recently, had never tried to do.

Here is some dashcam video of the arrest and a quote from Police Chief Thomas Streicher, big thanks to our friends at WCPO-TV.

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