Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nebraska Football Jersey Sale! High Bid Accepted

On the heels of the A.J. Green jersey sale controversy at the University of Georgia, the Nebraska Cornhuskers are auctioning game worn Husker jerseys from the upcoming Texas game. The game against the Longhorns in Lincoln is being billed as the "Nebraska Red Out Around the World."

FOSG Tony Barnhart said in his column that Nebraska will take off the last names off the jersey's before being sold to the public.

With that knowledge the top bid for quarterback Taylor Martinez's #3 red Nebraska jersey currently stands at $999.99. That's too rich for my blood. Will Martinez get a cut of the jersey sale, I think not.

Those of us at the OSG HQ noticed more than half of the jerseys being auctioned have no bids attached. If they are giving them away send a few our way.


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