Wednesday, October 6, 2010

OSG Polls: The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel...One Big Dog, lots of little ones

This past week was a good learning experience for us. We learned that Alabama is probably much better than anyone else. We also learned that Oregon is pretty good...for a Pac 10/12 team, Boise gets no respect and Ohio State might be overrated. We also learned that Tennessee can't count and Les Miles has some sort of deal with the devil.

This coming week doesn't present as many challenges as everyone settles into their conference schedules. There is a lot less anticipation, but...then again, that is usually when the upsets start happening.

In today's clip, the Dozen complain about living conditions, much like the battle of conferences where the big boys keep saying that Boise doesn't belong...

Oh, last week: 11-1...WKU/FIU is this week--My Bad! Overall: 41-7....MY GOOD!

So, with that out of the way...It's on with the Countdown!

The Dirty Dozen:

1) Alabama 5-0. No question they deserve this right now. The question is who can beat them. Enemy of the OSG Paul Finebaum says nobody can. I say South Carolina will. UPSET ALERT. This Week: South Carolina 23, Alabama 21

Wilkie: I can see South Carolina pulling it off, the Head Ball Coach has been dreaming of this kind of scenerio since taking over the Gamecock program. I'm just not ready to pull the trigger.
Alabama 24, South Carolina 23

2) Oregon 5-0. Yes, they deserve this. They seem to have another gear whenever they get challenged. Count me impressed. However, they may not stay here due to the conference they play in. We'll see. This Week: Oregon 112, Washington St. 0

Wilkie: Oregon is athletic, has outstanding speed and I think Chip Kelly is a hell of a coach. Phil Knight's money helps to. This Saturday they don't break a sweat. Oregon 75, Wazzou 0

3) Boise St. 4-0 I guess that I'm the only one who still thinks they are a Top 3 team. Granted they dismantled New Mexico St. last week, but they've done it all year. They will continue to roll...until they play Nevada. This Week: Boise St. 41, Toledo 17

Wilkie: You are not the only one Brother Phil. Boise State has done everything they are suppose to do in their situation. Just keep winning. Boise State 43, Toledo 14

4) Ohio St. 5-0. Apparently I'm the only one not impressed with these guys. They should've killed Illinois, but didn't. I still maintain they are good, not great. The hallmarks of a Big 10/12 team. They'll continue to get love until they lose a game they shouldn't. This Week: Ohio St. 28, Indiana 21

Wilkie: Ohio State seems to give a good enough effort to win but doesn't win impressively but that's just me. Ohio State 24, Indiana 21

5) Nebraska 4-0. This may be your Big 12/10 winner. They haven't been pushed, except against South Dakota St., which is not a good sign. We'll see what they are made of the next couple of weeks. This Week: Nebraska 27, K-State 18

Wilkie: Nebraska will win this but K-State is much better than I thought and will keep it very close in the Little Apple. Nebraska 28, K-State 24

6) TCU 5-0 The Dalton gang just keeps rolling. They win. They win big. They don't give up many points. But they are a Mountain West team and may not be the best one in it. This Week: TCU 38, Wyoming 10

Wilkie: Biding their time until their showdown against Utah. TCU 37, Wyoming 7

7) Auburn 5-0. I thought they may be pretty good, they've been better than that so far. We still question how the Chizik all of a sudden has these incredible recruits...not that Auburn has ever done anything hinky with the boosters or anything before. This Week: Auburn 28, Kentucky 21

Wilkie: This has the feeling of a trap game for Auburn with a pair of critical home games coming up against Arkansas and LSU. The Tigers will get it done in Lexington. Auburn 31, Kentucky 24

8) Utah 4-0. We kind of look forward to the week these guys play TCU. Really, there is nobody else on their schedule, Notre Dame included, who should give them a problem. This Week: Utah 31, Iowa St. 21

Wilkie: Brother Phil, Iowa State will. The Cyclones are coming off a confidence building win over Texas Tech and put over 50 up on the Red Raiders. It's in Ames and since being destroyed by Iowa last month Iowa State has played much better. Iowa State 34, Utah 28

9) Oklahoma 5-0. Again, we aren't impressed. Sure, they took care of Texas. Texas isn't that good this year. We think they are overrated. Not highly, but overrated. No schedule problems looming, they are on the fast track to win the Big 12/10 South. This Week: The Dreaded Bye

Wilkie: OU can keep it in cruise control to win the South.

10) Arizona 4-0. Wow, when is the last time they were this highly though of? Props to them. They are a pretty good defensive team, not something common in the Pac 10/12. It may serve them well. This Week: Arizona 23, Oregon St. 21

Wilkie: Looks like the Cactus Curtain defense has returned to Tucson. Arizona's defense is #2 in the country in total defense. The Wildcats "Bear Down" on the Beavers. Arizona 28, Oregon State 20

11) Michigan St. 5-0. Big props to them for staying the course despite their coach's health issues. We can't guarantee they'll stay here, but they get the nod for perseverance right now. This Week: Michigan St. 37, Michigan 36

Wilkie: Get well coach Dantonio. A win over the Maize and Blue is the best medicine this week. Michigan State 41, Michigan 38

12) Nevada 5-0. We meant to include them last week and forgot. Big props for them, they've not been ranked for any poll. They should have an easy least until Boise St. rolls in after Thanksgiving. Give it up for the Wolfpack! This Week: Nevada 37, San Jose St. 14

Wilkie: For those who miss Tim Tebow in college football the catch Nevada quarterback Colin Kaepernick, he's got the same skill set. Kaepernick would be all over the highlight reels if he was in the SEC. The Wolfpack keeping howling. Nevada 45, San Jose State 3

The Bottom of the Barrel:

5) Georgia 1-4. Yes, we did it. Despite our ties to the program. We did it. We never thought it would come to this, but we suspect they didn't either. We felt obligated, at least for a week, to count the crappy start against them. Plus they lost to Colorado. This Week: Georgia 34, Tennessee 21

Wilkie: Face it, Georgia is just a very bad team right now. They deserve to be in the bottom of the barrel. The Bulldogs prevail only because Tennessee isn't any better but they don't have AJ Green. Georgia 38, Tennessee 31

4) Akron 0-5. The Zips Zip. Yeah, I said it. They are ranked over 110 in 3 out of 4 major statistical categories. The reason for that. They suck. Truly. There isn't much else you can say. The only saving grace, they don't live in New Mexico. This Week: Kent St. 37, Akron 12
Wilkie: No Zippity, no do-dah, no Zippity De-aay. Just a bad football team. Kent State 34, Akron 7

3) Western Kentucky 0-4.
Sorry for the tease about them losing last week. My bad. It just prolonged their agony. They are still 0-for Division 1. We are a bit perplexed as to what to do, because this week, they play a team probably as bad. This Week: WKU 7, FIU 6. The schnide ends!
FIU 6, WKU 3

2) New Mexico St. 0-4. Really. Can't the NCAA force the state of New Mexico out of Division one? The football's just awful. The only reason these guys aren't the worst of the worst is because of New Mexico. And they play each other this week. I can smell the stench of this game here in the Northern HQ...god...please make it stop. This Week: New Mexico St. -3, New Mexico -2

Wilkie: I bet you can get tickets below face value for this one. They call this the I-24 rivalry in New Mexico. I suggest the state troopers to put up a road block on that stretch of highway to prevent this game to be witnessed by anyone. New Mexico State 9, New Mexico 0

1) New Mexico 0-5. Please make it stop. My god. This game is supposed to be on ESPN 3. Thank god nobody actually gets that. The only people that will watch are S and M freaks. Mike Locksley has sent football in New Mexico back 50 years. If only we knew who he has photos of. This Week: See #2

Wilkie: Maybe you answered the photo question on Mike Locksley with the reference to S & M. Someone with influence at the University of New Mexico enjoys a visit to the dungeon room and one of Coach Locks' people snapped a few pics. Just thinking out loud. See #2

God help anyone who watches the battle of New Mexico. Though we suppose you could argue it is the same reason people like to see train wrecks. God, that game just casts a pall on the whole week. We are stepping out on a limb with the Alabama game, but South Carolina is a tough place to play. And 'Bama is coming off the Florida massacre. We'll see. What sayeth' you?

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