Wednesday, October 13, 2010

OSG Polls: The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel...You really should listen to us!

You should. If you had at least read what we wrote last week, you would have known that Alabama was going to lose. Though we don't really claim modesty, we must add that we are pretty good at both ranking teams and picking games...if we do say so our ownselves.

This week's Dozen is highlighted by our clip featuring General Incognito. We always wondered where Richie's name comes from, I guess now we know.

So, before we get to the countdown, let's review our success. Last Week: 13-2, Overall: 54-9

The Dirty Dozen:

1) Oregon 6-0. Do I think they will finish here? No. They might, only because nobody in the Pac 10/12 can keep up with them. But I think they'll slip up. Though I won't predict it just yet. This Week: Oregon 47, UCLA 23

Wilkie: Oregon is in a great position. Who else is on their schedule that can hang with the Ducks. Oregon 45, UCLA 21

2) Ohio St. 6-0. Does anyone else think that they are here based mostly on reputation? Sure, they are pretty good. They are always pretty good. They just haven't beaten anyone. I don't think they are #1 worthy, nor will they be. This Week: Ohio St. 18, Wisconsin 16

Wilkie: Brother Phil, it ends in Madison Saturday for the Buckeyes. Wisconsin 17, Ohio State 14

3) Boise St. 5-0
. They are better than everyone east of the Mississippi gives them credit for. So what that they don't play an "SEC" schedule. Either you are good or you aren't. They just need to keep taking care of business. This Week: Boise St. 47, San Jose St. 13

Wilkie: Boise State will take care of business and we aren't jumping off the bandwagon. Boise State 45, San Jose State 10

4) TCU 6-0. Another team with no respect. Believe me when I say this, you don't want any part of them if they have time to prep for you. This Week: TCU 27, BYU 17

Wilkie: TCU is the best team in Texas and would probably leading the Big 12 South if they were in that league. The Frogs are damn good. TCU 31, BYU 14

5) Oklahoma 5-0. You could argue that they and Nebraska are interchangeable and really, they probably are. The body of work is a bit more impressive here so far. They still haven't been great, but they have been pretty good. This Week: Oklahoma 34, Iowa St. 21

Wilkie: Just keep winning OU. I want one last meaningful Oklahoma - Nebraska game before I die. Oklahoma 31, Iowa State 17

6) Nebraska 5-0. The best young QB not named Denard Robinson is Taylor Martinez. And Martinez plays for a better team. We will find out this week, just how good they are. This Week: Nebraska 20, Texas 19

Wilkie: Nebraska wants this game bad. The Huskers want to kick some Longhorn ass. Nebraska 55, Texas 10

7) Auburn 6-0. You cannot convince me that The Chizik hasn't sold his soul to the devil...or Bobby Lowder. Either way, he can't possibly be this good a coach. The question is, will he kill Cam Newton? Newton is really good, but is taking a beating this year. This Week: Auburn 31, Arkansas 24

Wilkie: Arkansas always plays great at Jordan-Hare. The defense actually looked great against Texas A&M. I have some concerns about the Hogs but I'm going with my heart on this. Arkansas 37, Auburn 31

8) LSU 6-0. We aren't really sure that Les Miles isn't the Devil. Were the Gators the only people that weren't expecting some trickeration at the end of last weeks game? This Week: LSU 38, McNeese St. 10

Wilkie: If LSU needs a trick play to beat McNeese State then the "Mad Hatter" is just plain mad. LSU 31, McNeese State 3

9) Utah 5-0
. They absolutely destroyed a decent Iowa St. team last week. Yet another good team that the power conferences wrongly dismiss. Trust me, you don't want any part of them in a bowl game. This Week: Utah 47, Wyoming 12

Wilkie: If Utah were in the Pac-10 now they would challenge Oregon for the title. Utah 48, Wyoming 3

10) South Carolina 4-1. Yes, it is safe to say beating Alabama last week was the programs biggest win ever. Several people compare them to the Chicago Cubs...a fair comparison. They are very good, but will lose to someone they probably shouldn't. This Week: Kentucky 27, South Carolina 23

Wilkie: Brother Phil you banking on a let down by the Gamecocks after the win over Alabama. I'm giving the Head Ball Coach the benefit of the doubt on this one. South Carolina 24, Kentucky 21

11) Michigan St. 6-0. They may be the best team in the Big 10/12, but we'll never know since they don't play Ohio St. We think this may be a sleeper team in the Top 5 before it is all said and done. This Week: Michigan St. 28, Illinois 23

Wilkie: I'll go so far to say Michigan State is the best team in the Big 10/12. They will take care of the Dying Illini. Michigan State 34, Illinois 21

12) Alabama 5-1. Well, now they've been exposed. Good or bad, the schedule is coming back to haunt them. A good, not great team. They'll finish strong, but will it be enough? This Week: Alabama 37, Ole Miss 21

Wilkie: I feel sorry for Ole Miss. Jolly Ole St. Nick will make the Rebels pay for losing to South Carolina. Alabama 37, Ole Miss 3

The Bottom of the Barrel:

5) Memphis 1-5. So, they were here, won a game and escaped for a week. But the crap always sinks to the bottom now, don't they. When you average 13 points and give up an average of 39, you can say "You Suck!". Memphis, you suck. This Week: Southern Miss 39, Memphis 13

Wilkie: What's that smell... smells like Memphis. Southern Miss 45, Memphis 10

4) E, Michigan 0-6
. 18-straight losses means that you might have a problem. No, Ron English, you definitely have a problem. The only thing saving you is that Western Kentucky has lost more games. This Week: Ball St. 47, E. Michigan 13

Wilkie: Are there any E. Michigan fans left. Ball State 42, E. Michigan 10

3) Akron 0-6
. Zippi-dee-doo-da...Zippi-dee-day, my oh my, what a horrible team. You know that most of these teams are interchangeable. They all have their issues. All of them. This Week: Ohio 27, Akron- Zip

Wilkie: Brother Phil, you stole my line. The Ohio University 34, Akron 0

2) Western Kentucky 0-5. What is the count now? 0-24? Or just 0-for Division 1? Either way, it's bad Jerry, it's just bad. Really, we don't know that they will be capable of winning a game this year. This Week: La. Monroe 33, WKU 21

Wilkie: I lost count on the 'Hills. ULM 34, Western Kentucky 0

1) New Mexico 0-6. Just do it. Just fire Locksley already. It will take decades to recover from this, if ever. Really, can they petition to play I-AA? This Week: San Diego State 37, New Mexico 6

Wilkie: I actually watched a replay of the New Mexico - New Mexico State game. The Lobos were the most inept team I've ever seen in college football. When are Lobo fans going to put bags over their heads. San Diego State 38, New Mexico 0

And there you have it. Another fun week of College Football excitement. Think you can pick better than us? Tell us about it. How would you pick it...or rank it?

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