Friday, July 30, 2010

DEVELOPING: Is NASCAR heading to Kentucky?

Kentucky Motor Speedway//Courtesy:

NASCAR has made no secret about wanting to do some things to "Shake the Tree".

Attendance is down and so are the TV ratings. The guys who run the sport are at least aware of the problem and are trying some things to bring the excitement back.

One thing they are looking at is changing the schedule and/or the rotation of tracks.

Enter Speedway Motorsports and its chairman, Bruton Smith. Smith recently purchased the Kentucky Speedway, located in Sparta which is in the northern part of the state, between Cincinnati and Louisville.

Smith has called a press conference for August 10th, to make what he called a "A big press conference" to discuss a lot of things including some changes at the track.

More on Smith from NKY and RIGHT HERE

We can only, at this point, speculate as to what the announcement is. Kentucky Speedway already has been hosting the Nationwide Series, there isn't much left other than NASCAR. However, in order for the Speedway to be prepared for the race, they'll have to add another 30,000 or so seats, something Smith has gone on record as saying can be done in just a couple of months.

What it does mean is that someone or some track is losing a race. We don't at this point know which track that is though there are more than a few suspects. Start with New Hampshire or perhaps Pocono, maybe add Dover and quite possibly Atlanta which has had its share of attendance issues.

All in all, prepare for change in 2011. NASCAR isn't going to stand pat, the question is what they want to do. It sounds like by August 10th, we'll know.

Enjoy this promo for NASCAR's all-star race. Thanks YouTube:

Pitino Extortion Trial Day 5: Tim Sypher Testifes

((HT: WDRB-TV/Fox 41))

Tim Sypher told jurors that Rick Pitino asked him to "take a woman out of town" for medical services after the woman said Pitino got her pregnant in the incident described in the Louisville restaurant back in 2003 during the extortion trial this week.

Sypher testified that Pitino didn't mention taking Karen Cunagin Sypher to get an abortion. Tim Sypher also said he called clinics in Indiana and Ohio before taking Karen Sypher to Cincinnati, where she terminated a pregnancy on August 29, 2003.

He also testified that he paid for the procedure from $3,000 Pitino gave for medical insurance.

Tim Sypher and Karen Cunagin would marry less than a year later and are currently divorced...

Here's the early coverage again, thanks to our friends at Fox41...
Chris Turner is in the sunlight again and addresses the delay the trial had during Day 5 as well...

DEVELOPING: Wright's Ex-Wife Received "Threatening Visit"

((HT: MyFoxMemphis))

Sherra Wright's attorney, Gail Mathes, says her client was visited three armed men looking for Lorenzen Wright about six weeks before he was found shot to death.

Sherra Wright was afraid for herself and her children so she, apparently, kept quiet about the visit until earlier this week. At that point, she then alerted police in the Memphis suburb of Collierville.

Mathes says the men, dressed in sport coats and able to show that the were armed, threatened Sherra Wright and her family if she told anyone about the visit.

The Commercial Appeal first reported the story.

WREG-TV's Tom Powell goes over the Germantown Police timeline and the gaps dealing with the 9-1-1 phone call...

Texas A&M To The Big 12 Conference: Show Me The Money!!!!

Remember last spring when the Big 12 Conference nearly went out of business?

Sure you do.

Every BCS conference was romancing "The Big 3" to join their league. "The Big 3" would be Texas, Texas A&M and Oklahoma. Texas was definitely the belle of the ball but Big 12 Conference commissioner Dan Beebe made some promises including guaranteeing more money at the expense of the other schools.

Word came out during Big 12 football media days that Texas and Oklahoma declined the offer from the schools that would have been left behind to forfeit their share of the exit fees from Nebraska and Colorado.

Texas A&M took the offer.

A guaranteed $20 million...

Now those powers that be in Aggieland want to make sure the Big 12 come through on that promise though that guaranteed money isn't scheduled to begin until 2012-13 academic year.

In an e-mail statement Texas A&M president R. Bowen Loftin said the following: "A key part of Texas A&M's decision to remain in the Big 12 earlier this summer was the commissioner's commitment that Texas A&M would receive a minimum of $20 million annually in future conference distributions," Loftin said. "We remain committed to the conference and fully anticipate that the Big 12 will honor its commitment to Texas A&M."

You can read more from the Dallas Morning News:

And more from the San Antonio Express News:

Sure the Universities of Texas and Oklahoma have athletic departments that have a strong cash flow and didn't need the charity. Texas A&M isn't going to turn down free money to pay the bills.

It appears Dan Beebe's job now is to keep the Aggies happy or they may explore the SEC option again. How long do you give the Big 12 to survive now?

Here's the fullscreens as proof, thanks to our friends at KBTX-TV

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cardinals Stadium Damaged In Arizona By Storms

((HT: MyFoxPhoenix/Fox 10-KSAZ))

Authorities say the roof of the Arizona Cardinals' stadium in Glendale was slightly damaged by a thunderstorm that packed high winds.

Video below shot from TV news helicopters shows a couple of tears in one section of the fabric that stretches across the roof and the steel girders that make up the roof itself.

University of Phoenix Stadium spokesman Scott Norton says it's possible that wind gusts got under the metal skin of the structure, flipping a piece of it up and onto the roof and causing the fabric puncture.

Norton says stadium officials are evaluating the extent of the damage and how much it will cost to repair it. His gut feeling is that a microburst came through Glendale and created the damage seen below.

The Cardinals have their preseason opener at home August 14 against the Houston Texans.

Fox10 caught up with Norton, who was in the building at the time the storm came through...

Pitino Extortion Trial Day Four: Pitino Grilled About Encounter With Sypher

((HT: WDRB/Fox 41 Louisville))

It was another fun day on the stand for Louisville head men's hoops coach Rick Pitino. Karen Cunagin Sypher's attorneys got their shot at him...

Pardon the pun...

And it also led to some testy exchanges between Pitino and James Earhart.
Chris Turner had the dayshift again outside the courthouse...

Pitino's testimony ended after two hours Thursday.

Karen Sypher's ex, Tim, testified that she first started making rape allegations in 2007, when their marriage started going in the toidy. He also said his ex-wife, two years later, started talking about things she "wanted from Pitino."

Tim Sypher's testimony continues Friday.
The HQ is thrilled we've made it to Day 5...

Albert Haynesworth Tries Again Tomorrow

((HT: CSNWashington))

According to ESPN's John Clayton, Albert Haynesworth couldn't run a third 300-yard sprint in a good enough time, so Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan didn't let him practice with other Redskins Thursday.

Haynesworth had to pass a conditioning test of two sprints, but Shanahan thought he had too much rest time in between runs one and two.

Thus, the third was requested and, then, failed run...
He tries again tomorrow...
Won't that be fun...

Here's "30-To-40 Pounds Less Fat" Albert after practice sweating through his T-shirt...

But, then of course, this is what we all associate with Haynesworth, anyway...
((HT: RetroHeroes/CBS/Scheimer-Prescott/Cosby Enterprises))

Wonder if Haynesworth is going to learn something before it's done...???

DEVELOPING: Police Search For Clues In Wright Homicide, 911 Call Under Investigation

((HT: MyFoxMemphis))

Memphis Police used dental records to identify Lorenzen Wright Thursday after his death was ruled a homicide by gunshot wound. 70 police officers combed the wooded area looking for clues in the right disappearance and subsequent death.

((Here is the official document))

Reporters were allowed back to the site early in the afternoon.

The Commercial Appeal and their bevy of reporters got in touch with a Wright family attorney who is less than pleased with the investigation to date:

A lawyer representing the Wright family in previous civil matters said the lack of communication between neighboring jurisdictions was inexcusable.

“It is appalling the Germantown Police Department did not follow up on that 911 call,” said attorney Gail Mathes. “That is a tragic situation with many, many more hours of all the anxiety the family went through.”

The attorney also pointed to the lost time investigating the homicide. Within law enforcement circles, there’s a shared belief that the most crucial time to solve a slaying is within the first 48 hours.

The Memphis Grizzlies released a statement today after the death of Lorenzen Wright:

"We are deeply saddened by the tragic death of Lorenzen Wright. We lost a member of the Grizzlies family. Lorenzen delighted fans on the court with his passion and off the court with his generosity in a Memphis community that watched him grow throughout his playing career at Booker T. Washington High School, the University of Memphis and the NBA."

"In his five seasons with the Grizzlies, Lorenzen played an integral role in guiding this franchise to three consecutive playoff appearances and was a member of the inaugural Memphis Grizzlies team in 2001."

"On behalf of the entire Memphis Grizzlies organization, we would like to express our sincerest condolences to Lorenzen's family during this difficult time."

Meanwhile, the Memphis Police are actively investigating the shooting...
Lauren Lee was back at the murder scene...

2300 UPDATE: From the Commercial Appeal, Germantown ((TN)) are now undergoing an internal investigation as to why no connection was made between the 9-1-1 phone call from Wright's cell phone and linking it to the disappearance of the former NBA'er for nine days and why Police Chief Richard Hall wasn't notified of the call in the first place.

“We’ve got an administrative review on the call because it didn’t come to light until Tuesday,” Hall said.

Hall wouldn’t comment on what actions, if any, the dispatcher took to make sure police responded to the 911 call and searched for a potential gunshot victim.

MyFoxMemphis' Les Smith digs at the 9-1-1 call...

And WREG-TV's Scott Noll angers a local police chief in the process...

DJ Steve Porter Hops The Press... Again...

There, simply, are no words except...

F'n brilliant...
((HT: djsteveporter))

And here's the preview of PressHop2 from E:60
Also, from Steve's place...

Oswalt To Philly Okey-Dokeyed

Houston AStros ace Roy Oswalt may be on his way to Philadelphia, but he has to waive his no-trade clause to do it...

So sayeth David Murphy, Phillies beat writer for

It looks like the Astros would get starter J.A. Happ and prospects in return...

Happ is economically feasible, at just under $500-grand for a salary figure...

FOSG and MyFoxHouston Sports Director Mark Berman broke the story last night, and says that both sides have agreed on just how much money the Astros and Phillies will divvy up when it comes to paying the Astros ace. The 2012 option year of Oswalt's contract is still in play.

More when we know more...
In the interim, Ken Rosenthal from FoxSports tells us who isn't getting Oswalt...
((HT: FoxSports))

1830 UPDATE: Mark Berman confirms that Oswalt waived his no-trade...

"It feels pretty good actually to have all of this stuff out of the way and I can concentrate on baseball," Oswalt said.

Oswalt said he will pitch for the Phillies Friday against the Washington Nationals.

"I love the city of Houston and the Astros fans," Oswalt said. "They have been great to me and the Astros are a great organization. I think it's time for us to separate and do something different.

"Philly has a great team with a chance to go to the World Series. I wanted this deal to be good for both the Astros and me and I think it is."

Owens already in just started...

T.O being T.O//Courtesy: thehollywood
Gee, the T.O/Cincinnati Bengals engagement is off to a rousing start. Mr. T.O, being the diligent, team-based guy that he is, has already gotten off to a great start with his new team.

For whatever reason, he was scheduled to be on a red-eye flight from California to Cincinnati that was supposed to arrive at just before 7am Wednesday morning. From there it was supposed to be an escorted, hour long drive south to the Bengals Training Camp in Georgetown, Kentucky.

One problem. He missed the flight.

More from RIGHT HERE

He is now supposed to be arriving in the afternoon.

What is interesting here, and we can say this now that we are in the satellite HQ in Cinci, is that he is being treated like a savior here for the most part. Nobody can argue he is a talented dude...when he feels like it. But there within lies the rub. He doesn't always feel like it.

Sure, if motivated, he, on paper should be a good fit with Chad...Ochocinco. Yeah, the fact that Carson Palmer is his QB instead of a rookie or lesser QB will help. But the question is, how will he behave.

We've seen over and over again that he is essentially a spoiled diva who will lash out when he isn't happy. That overshadows everything he's done on the field which is a shame. Unfortunately he at this point seems to not have listened to anyone who has tried to tell him this. Act like a mature adult. Play the game well. Be a good, dependable teammate and he'd be surprised just how much love he would get.

Check out this video of Mr. T.O playing hoops...and getting totally posterized....Thanks and You Tube:

Jeremiah Turning Oxford Into Ole Masoli...?

((HT: WREG-TV Memphis))

Jeremiah Masoli seemed to have whatever he wanted for his college, and possibly pro, career lined up in front of him knocking people over at the University of Oregon...

Then came the burglary, the driving on a suspended license, and getting kicked off the Ducks football team by coach Chip Kelly.

Now, the school getting rid of Colonel Reb and everything associated with all things "Ol' South" is considering bringin in Masoli for redemption...

Can you imagine the Right Rev. Houston Nutt and his giggity levels if this works for the one season in the sun...? Can you imagine the giggity levels if Masoli even makes it onto campus to play for the man...?

Dennis Turner got to stand in front of a green screen to address that very issue...

Strange Things Are Afoot At IUPUI... Again...

((HT: IndyStar/Alesia))

What the HQ calls "ooey-Pooey" is what the rest of the civilzed, basketball world calls IUPUI- Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis, or something close...

The school is launching an internal investigation into their women's hoops program where 28 players and assistant coaches have quit the squad in the last four years, including 19 scholarship players.

Eleven ex-players are accusing coach Shann Hart and associate head coach Chanel Spriggs of "emotional abuse" that is in the process of being investigated by a three-person on-campus panel.

A sampling of who Hart is can be found in this IUPUI TV ad...
((HT: JawzIUPUI))

From the Alesia article:

"...the gay rights advocacy group Indiana Equality sent a letter to (Chancellor Charles) Bantz and IUPUI athletic director Michael Moore, calling on them to "thoroughly investigate" claims of inappropriate questioning of sexual orientation.

One player told The Star that Hart asked explicitly about her sexual orientation. Others described a reckless postgame rant by the coach that centered on accusations of players breaking team rules by becoming involved in intimate relationships with each other.

Here's the piece that ran Sunday in the Star from Alesia, Heather Gillers, and Tim Evans... It's required reading...

Here's some highlights of the IUPUI/IPFW game from January, so you can get a look at who might be leaving after the season past... that went 3-26...
((HT: WANE TV-Fort Wayne))

More when we know more...
The HQ is under the impression that things are getting warmed up...

Remember, IUPUI is currently under NCAA probation for the ever-popular "lack of institutional control." OSG Sports covered that particular NCAA decision back on April Fool's Day... the irony inescapable there...

So, they best tread lightly...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

DEVELOPING: Lorenzen Wright's Body Found, Possible Homicide

((HT: MyFoxMemphis))

The missing persons case of NBA veteran Lorenzen Wright has, apparently, come to an unfortunate ending in southeast Memphis. Wright's body was found with multiple gunshot wounds.

Wright's body was found in a wooded area off of the intersection of Hacks Cross and Winchester, and was located behind the Fieldstone Apartments in the Southwind area across the street from the TPC course where the St. Jude Children's Classic is played every year on the PGA Tour.

MPD sources told local media that there were at least a dozen gunshot wounds on Wright's person.

Elliott Perry was a live guest for MyFoxMemphis...
Lauren Lee leads their early coverage...

1830 UPDATE: The Memphis Commercial Appeal reports that Germantown ((TN)) police are investigating a 9-1-1 call hang-up that reportedly came from Wright's cell phone on the 19th. After the operator heard gunshots, the phone was hung up.

Kristina Goetz and Beth Warren report for the CA:

Wright was thought to be carrying some amount of cash when he was last seen leaving his ex-wife’s Collierville home, fueling concerns he may be the victim of foul play, according to a Collierville police report released today.

2050 UPDATE: Here's coverage from our friends at WREG-TV
Team coverage starts with Tom Poweel indoors...

2315 UPDATE: Here's early coverage from our friends at WMC-TV
First, when news broke of confirming the body was Wright's...

Goetz and Warren's coverage from the Commercial Appeal yielded the following from the 9-1-1 call that is being investigated...

The (9-1-1) dispatcher heard a garbled male voice utter an expletive, then at least 10 gunshots.
“Hello? Hello? Can you hear me?” the dispatcher said.
Then the phone went dead.
The dispatcher called back.
No one answered.

Coverage continued on WMC-TV in their second hour...

MyFoxMemphis' Greg Gaston caught up with a lot of those close to Wright on the evening the body was discovered... including Former SW Tennessee CC Men's Head Basketball Coach Verties Sails, former Tigers Jeremy Hunt, Andre Allen and Elliot Perry and friend Charles Nelson, a former Treadwell High School Basketball player.

Here's MyFoxMemphis' nightside coverage with Lauren Lee again at a calmer scene...

A news conference with MPD is scheduled in the morning where they hope to have more details of what, possibly, led to the death of Lorenzen Wright.

Priest Wants Demon Mascot Exorcised From School

((HT: WMAZ-TV Macon))

Pastor Donald Crosby moved to the Warner Robins ((GA)) High School district a year ago. He is in charge of the Kingdom Builders Church of Jesus Christ in the middle Georgia town.

When he found out his ninth-grader was set to become a "Demon," Crosby has gone on his own crusade to change the mascot name and the 60-years of tradition that goes with it.

He's gathering names for a petition and is even going as far as trying to transfer his son from Warner Robins High to another school in the county. His choices would be either the Eagles, the Warhawks, or the Bears. But that's if the school board allows the transfer on some-kind of religious grounds.

And the HQ is, admittedly, stretching here...

Here's the story form our friends at 13WMAZ and Vanessa Ruffes...

The Demons won one of those "national" high school titles in 1976...
Here's a tribute...
((HT: joltinjack))

The HQ wishes Pastor Crosby all the luck in the world...
We'd like to end this story with the following remarks from one of the '76 squad...
((HT: WWE/oooGAME000))

Pitino Extortion Trial Day 3: Pitino Testifies

((HT: WDRB-TV/Fox 41))
Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino admitted to a jury that he had sex with Karen Cunagin Sypher in day three of the extortion trial.

Pitino testified Wednesday that he met Sypher on July 31, 2003, at an Italian restaurant, where Pitino had gone following a golf outing.

Pitino said he and Sypher exchanged small talk after the restaurant closed. He testified that as they were leaving Sypher whispered something, opened his pants and the two then had sex.

Sypher asked for cash ((ten million dollars)), cars and a
house as part of her alleged plot. She has pleaded not guilty, claiming Pitino sexually assaulted her. Authorities are saying her assault claim lacks any kind of foundation at all...

Understandably, the courtoom was standing room only...

Here's the early shift again... thanks to our friends at Fox 41 in Louisville...

Max Talbot Calls Out Ovechkin; Something To Do With Vinegar And Water...

((HT: 105.9 FM The X/WXDX Pittsburgh))

At Heinz Field yesterday, the Pittsburgh Penguins were celebrating the fact that they were having a Winter Classic against the Washington Capitals.

You had your standard photo ops with Sidney Crosby and Max Talbot trying to launch pucks between the uprights... all that fun stuff...

And we even had Talbot refer to Ovechkin as a "real douche."
Gotta love those FM Dee-Jays...

Hear the interview here, thanks again to the X...

This dates back to the playoffs from last year when the Capitals' Alex Semin claimed that Penguins' captain Sidney Crosby was "nothing special" and said that the Chicago Blackhawks' Patrick Kane was a much more interesting player.

For the sake of your calendars, the first match-up between the two is on December 23rd in Washington followed by the Winter Classic a week later...

Here's Game 7 of this year's playoff series for your reminder...
((HT: NHL/Versus/rvwv89))

And here's the NHL Network's Brian Duff catching up with Crosby about the Winter Classic... presumably after he tried to wrist one past the crossbar...
((HT: NHL))

OSG Sports: It's Time to Kick Paul Finebaum out of the SEC

This of whom we speak//Courtesy:
At the risk of starting a war...we...well, getting increasingly tired of overfed, overblown, egotistical, hanging on in a dying world of newspaper columnists who just try crapping on everyone's parade...because they can.

What we...ahhmmm, I am speaking of is Paul Finebaum, an alleged columnist, radio host and spewer of venom.

At this point, you and hopefully he are asking, what was said to piss you off? The answer: Not one thing...several.

The last would be this, calling for Vanderbilt's exorcism from the SEC, read it on RIGHT HERE

Since, if he reads this, he undoubtedly will hammer on me not using proper AP style...or grammar among other things, we will first dissect the lack of logic...or knowledge in this story. We will be undoubtedly dubbed a stupid internet website, so what? Are we SEC insiders? No. We don't have to be.

First off, premise wise, this is an argument that needed to be made back...oh...say 10 years ago. Is Vandy ever going to be an SEC powerhouse? No. Are they competitive? Over the past 3 years they have been.

Secondly, applying the logic used here, the SEC also needs to get rid of Ole Miss, Mississippi State and Kentucky. Aside from Ole Miss' nice run at the end of the 2008 season and yes, we do know that each...including Vandy has had a bowl game season during this time period, none will ever win the SEC. According to this logic, they must be banished.

Yes, we know that Vandy plays in a crappy stadium and yes, we know that it is often filled with fans from the other teams. But, not every team can be Alabama now, can they? Using the logic here, the LA Clippers should have been banished from the NBA years ago. Same for the Oakland Raiders in the NFL. There are teams in almost every NCAA Football conference that suck, it's a fact of life.

I'll wrap things up by saying this. Folks in Alabama and in many cases the "Old-school" newspaper writers seem to have this perception that the college football...or more specifically the SEC universe revolves around them. To this, Yeah, sure, its great that Alabama has been back on top the past couple of years. Lest we forget that you sold your souls to get the Great Saban to be the coach/savior.

Yes, we know there really isn't anything else to support or back in the state. We get that. Really. And we know that the people there can't understand why it isn't like that in other places. Contrary to the opinion of most who cover SEC football for a living and yes a large chunk of the fans too, there is more to life than what happens on 12 Saturdays a year. Really...there is. Lighten up, you are taking things too seriously, way too seriously.

Here is a highly produced video for Vandy football. Thanks You Tube:

Bryce Brown Takes Cowards Way Out Of Knoxville...

((HT: GoVolsXtra/Adams))
It appears that the highly-sought after Wichita-based running back Bryce Brown has checked out of Knoxville, taking the towels, the robe, and the TV remote with him.

He did so without having a face-to-face discussion of the matter with Vols coach Derek Dooley...

The HQ is not shocked by the lack of maturity and class by an individual who only wished attention on himself from the day of his college declaration.

Talk is that Brown wants to transfer to Kansas State to be with his brother to play for Bill Snyder. Snyder will have no problem accepting Brown once the kid has the stones to ask for a release from the University of Tennessee...

Once again... "Once" he asks for the release... it still has to happen...

Our friends at Volunteer TV caught up with Coach Dooley at a local Rotarian gathering... he talks Bryce Brown, the brawl, and other stuff...

Brown, specifically, is referenced at the 24-minute mark...
((HT: WVLT-TV Knoxville))

Huston Street Carried From Coors Field On A Stretcher

((HT: CBS4Denver))

So, you come home off a 2-9 road trip and all you want to do is beat up on the Pittsburgh Pirates to start a homestand... like everyone else, but you lose your closer before the game...

Not what you were looking for...

Huston Street, officially, bruised the right side of his abdomen ((or pelvic region)) when he was hit by a line drive- and all the guy was doing was warming up in the right field corner during Rockies batting practice.

He was taken off the field in an ambulance, examined at a local hospital and sent home to rest.

He's, officially, listed as day-to-day.

Aren't we all...
Here's coverage from our friends at CBS4
Mike Hooker stands behind a desk and in front of a monitor...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Man Mountain Fails His Raven Physical

And joins nine others on the PUP list for your Baltimore Ravens...

2010 second-round draft pick Terrence Cody failed his conditioning test and was not permitted to participate in the team's first training camp practice.

The 360-pound defensive tackle out of Alabama signed a three-year contract Monday and arrived at McDaniel College, but after flunking his physical, he was placed on the Physically Unable to Perform list (PUP).

"When he passes the conditioning test, he'll practice,"
said Ravens coach John Harbaugh.

Remember, at one point, Cody was pushing four-bills... and he dropped forty pounds.

Here was the day when Cody got picked up with the Ravens...
((HT: NFL/NFL Network/BaltimoreRavensTV))

Anyone taking plays as to when he makes his conditioning test...???

Pitino Extortion Trial: Day Two

The early part of Day Two of the Karen Sypher-Rick Pitino extortion trial got to send our friends at Fox 41 to the front of the room...

Testimony centered around an interview that the Louisville station had around their exclusive Karen Sypher appearance...

The unedited tape... all 70 mintes of the damn thing...

Chris Turner has the day shift outside the courthouse in Louisville...
((HT: WDRB-TV/Fox41))

Kickboxer dies after hit to head....

Adrienne Simmons/Courtesy:
A female kickboxer from Georgia died Monday afternoon after she had taken a hard shot to the head during a match on Sunday.

Adrienne Simmons was fighting in a tournament at the Marriott Orlando World Center resort in Orlando and caught what was termed a "left hook" and went down immediately.

More from the Orlando Sentinel RIGHT HERE

The match was sponsored by the International Kick-Boxing Federation. And according to the coach of Simmons' opponent, the match "seemed like a normal bout". That contradicts a report on that states Simmons "Was knocked out and unresponsive. She was rushed to the hospital and had surgery for brain bleeding and swelling and went into a coma". She never recovered.

An unfortunate story and without knowing more details, we won't opine much on this. It seems with the issue of concussions in sports such as football being discussed quite often, that maybe sports...including this one and others, should look into head gear. Yes, we know the violence is part of it, but the evidence is becoming more and more clear that there is a pretty big inherent danger when people get hit in the head frequently.

Developing: The "Assassin"...Jack Tatum passes away

Jack Tatum//Courtesy:
((ht: Sports by brooks/Twitter/

According to published reports out of Columbus, of the NFL's most feared defenders back in the 70's has passed away.

Jack Tatum, Ohio State grad and longtime Oakland Raider was 61 years old. He's probably known mostly as the guy who paralyzed Darryl Stingley, which is unfortunate because he was one of the NFL's best saftety's...ever.

More from RIGHT HERE

Tatum will probably always be remembered for his stint in Oakland. For those unfamiliar, it was when they were very, very good...all the time. Our condolences to Mr. Tatum and his family.

Here is a piece done by on Mr. Tatum:

Coghlan gets hurt throwing pie...will this stop stupid ideas?

Chris Coghlan and Wes Helms//Courtesy: NBC Miami
The Florida Marlins are without their leftfielder for what looks like a good chunk of the rest of the season after he got hurt. How did he get hurt? Well, glad that you asked.

Apparently, Chris Coghlan, the aforementioned outfielder got injured, tearing his meniscus, after putting a "Shaving Cream" pie in Wes Helms' face after the Marlins won their game on Sunday vs. the Braves.

More from RIGHT HERE

The whole cream pie in the face in an interview thing ran its course...about 3 years ago. Back when people first started to do it...on was funny. Now, its just plain stupid.

Maybe now that someone got hurt, it will stop, though we doubt it. Baseball players can be goofy and sometimes creative, this however isn't. Why not try something like the Braves did on a walk-off homer earlier this season and just leave the dugout. Just a thought.

Here is Coghlan talking about the injury. Courtesy: Joecapoz and You Tube:

Monday, July 26, 2010

Kaye Cowher Funeral In North Carolina


Bill Cowher said goodbye to his wife and college sweetheart, Kaye, in the Ransdell Chapel Baptist Church in Louisburg, North Carolina Monday.

Kaye Cowher died of skin cancer Friday at the age of 54. She served on the N.C. State Board of Visitors which advises the school's chancellor and board of trustees.

All three of Kaye Cowher's daughters spoke at the funeral, and Chapel Pastor Jered Pemper said the mood was positive.

The funeral focused on her life and, though some times were hard, Pemper said, "It was one of the best funerals I've ever attended."

According to a spokesman for the Pittsburgh Steelers, team president Art Rooney II was scheduled to be at the service to represent the team.

WRAL's Sloane Heffernan was at the funeral in Louisburg

Aay-Cee-Cee Media Daze Day Two: Swofford, Coaches, And Agents, Oh, My!


Here's the Commissioner, John Swofford, discussing everything under the ACC sun...

And WRAL's Jeff Gravely caught up with as many coaches as he could in a 1:30 package
Turns out, the number is five...

Odds and ends until Brother Wilkie writes his post-mortems...

Georgia Tech head coach Paul Johnson suspended DE Robert Hall for one game as a result of the battery charge against his girlfriend in June.

The pre-season poll came out...

Virginia Tech earned 50 of a possible 98 votes from media members attending the league's two-day preseason media event to win it all this year. Florida State was the choice in the league's Atlantic Division and was second to the Hokies with 26.

Seminoles quarterback Christian Ponder was picked preseason player of the year- as long as he doesn't lead with his throwing shoulder to make a tackle.

The Hokies were chosen to win the Coastal Division, followed by Miami, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, Duke and Virginia.

Following the Seminoles in the Atlantic were Clemson, Boston College, North Carolina State, Wake Forest and Maryland.

The championship game is December 4th in Charlotte.

Over at NC State, Russell Wilson had season-ending knee surgery and head coach Tom O'Brien doesn't expect the QB to return after this year.

BREAKING NEWS: Garza Pitches First Rays No-No

The closest Matt Garza came to a no-hitter was an outing on June 26th of 2008 against the Florida Marlins... until tonight in a 5-0 shutout of the Detorit Tigers.

Garza faces the minimum, one reached, and he registers the first no-hitter in Tampa Bay Rays history.

Falling behind 3-1 to Don Kelly in the ninth, Kelly would eventually ground out to Reid Brignac for out number one. Tigers catcher Gerald Laird was called out looking for out number two, and pinch-hitter Ramon Santiago flew out to right fielder Ben Zobrist.

Santiago was 0-for-2 lifetime against Garza going in...
He goes out 0-for-3...

Here's the last out, one of many posts until they all get pulled...
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Titans Sue USC, Kiffin Over Pola Hire

The Tennessee Titans are suing USC and their football head coach, Lane Kiffin, for "maliciously" luring away assistant running backs coach Kennedy Pola a week before training camp opens.

Jim Wyatt's article in the Tenessean, says that Tennessee Football Inc., the company that owns the Titans, filed the lawsuit in something called "Davidson County Chancery Court."

Pola is accused of breach, after only being hired February 1st, and that "as a result of USC and Kiffin’s tortuous conduct, Tennessee football has been damaged in an amount proven at trial."

The Titans have not commented publicly Monday, but back on Saturday Titans head coach (and USC alum himself) Jeff Fisher was less than pleased...

Here's how mad he was back on the weekend...
Jim Hill reads a bunch of full screens for your enjoyment...

The HQ's favorite line of the whole thing...???
Kiffykin's response...

"I have spoken with Coach Fisher and he now has an accurate understanding of the timeline of events."

Sure, kiddo...

Here's the filing, for those of you who like reading those things...

The NHLPA doesn't like that the NHL doesn't like Kovy's contract...

File this under: You knew it was coming!

The NHL's player association (union), has filed a grievance with the NHL because they had a problem with Ilya Kovalchuk's 17-year contract with the New Jersey Devils.

More from RIGHT HERE

TSN breaks down the logic RIGHT HERE

((Ilya Kovalchuk//File Photo))

The reason this is an issue is much simpler than the language in the accompanying stories. The league desperately wants to stop the trend of heavily front loading contracts to get around the salary cap. The problem is, they've already allowed several similar ones.

There is a lot of speculation that this is the first of many shots across several bows leading to a re-negotiation of the leagues collective bargaining agreement next year. Either way, Kovy may or may not be a free agent again...this year, we are just going to have wait until the lawyers make tons of money to have their say.

Here is what Kovy did at the end of last year for the Devils. Thanks You Tube:

Two Drexel Hoops Players Arrested For Armed Robbery

Philadelphia police say two Drexel University basketball players and a third man are facing charges after an armed robbery at another Drexel student's apartment.

Philadelphia Police Lieutenant John Walker says 21-year-old star point guard Jamie Harris and 21-year-old Kevin Phillip turned themselves in Monday on robbery and weapons charges- among other counts.

Police say the robbery happened at a woman's apartment around 10:30PM Wednesday.

Walker says the third man arrested, 21-year-old Devon Bond, was arrested Thursday. Walker says the men went in looking for money but couldn't and didn't find any. They allegedly left with two cell phones.

For those of you who don't know your Dragons starting fives, Harris is Drexel's starting point guard and Phillip is a backup forward.

Here's early coverage from our friends at KYW-TV/CBS3 in Philadelphia
Walt Hunter is outside Southwest Detectives

Pitino Extortion Case: Day One

Opening statements have begun in the Karen Cunagin Sypher case as she stands accuswed of trying to extort University of Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino, then lying about it to the FBI.

Assistant U.S. Attorney John Kuhn said in court during opening arguments that Sypher threatened to ruin Pitino's reputation with false allegations of rape, and that she lied repeatedly about it.

Sypher, who has (of course) pleaded not guilty, is accused of demanding college tuition for her children, having her house paid off and $10 million for her silence.
Sypher is also accused of trading sexual favors with two attorneys in her attempt to have them exert their influence to have Pitino pay off Sypher's demands.

Here's early coverage from Chris Turner and our friends at WDRB-TV/Fox41 in Louisville...

Defense attorneys, led by James Earhardt, were expected to present opening statements in the afternoon.

FSU has another problem child....

Well, that didn't take long. New Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher already has a player in legal trouble to deal with. Unfortunately, that has been a pretty regular occurrence in Tallahassee over the past several years.

Nigel Carr, supposed starting linebacker for the 'Noles, is now facing mulitple felony charges. The list of charges he's facing include: two counts of auto burglary, criminal mischief, credit card theft and fraud. Nice!

More from CBS4 in Miami RIGHT HERE

((Nigel Carr in Garnet and gold//Courtesy:

Oh...he was arrested 4 days ago for possession of marijuana too.

Needless to say, we are guessing that Carr isn't currently in Greensboro, North Carolina at ACC Media Days with Coach Fisher. This is a bit more serious than a misdemeanor. The charges could easily involve some jail time. We'll see if it involves losing time on the field now...won't we?

Sharing a story about an old legend....

The OSG satellite office came across a really interesting story this morning while perusing the online version of the New York Times.

There, smack dab, front and center on the Sports homepage was a story about a wrestling legend, someone from way back when...none other than Abdullah the Butcher.

Check out the story from the Times and Mike Tierney RIGHT HERE

We never got the chance to cross paths with Mr. Abdullah during our time in Atlanta, unfortunately. Like most our age, we were all big wrestling fans growing up in the late 70's and early 80's and he was one of the most well known of all. Not the champ mind you. No, he wasn't Ric Flair or Dusty Rhodes or Hulk Hogan or any of those guys from the 80's, no...he was the heel (bad guy), who scared the crap out of them.

((Abdullah in his prime//Courtesy:

He never wrestled for the titles, he always seemed to just like the violence, drawing blood from just about everyone, back when it was part of the show. As Tierney talks about in the story he was big...let's face it...he was fat. He didn't move very fast or well, he just hurt people.

It's great to see he's still at it, even if it's just the indy circuit and Japan. His restaurant in Atlanta is still there too. It was pretty popular at one point, that has diminished a bit.

Anyway, we just felt like sharing because we can. Enjoy him vs. the American Dream...circa 1983...and dig the Japanese Commentary

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Aay-Cee-Cee Media Daze Day One: Irving and Herzlich

You want two guys that are ready to get on with their lives...???

BC defensive beast Mark Herzlich and NC State LB Nate Irving...

Both had to battle their share of personal stuff: Herzlich's being cancer ((Ewing's sarcoma)) and Irving's being a car accident where he had a broken leg and a collapsed lung...

Here's Irving on his return... WR Owen Spencer is with him...

"I'm going to do everything I can to make my leg as strong as possible,"
Herzlich said to the media there, including Brother Wilkie. "The doctors have said that all the tests are good, it should be strong. ... I made the decision a while ago that I'm going to work and take the time to get back on the field. That's where I'm going, and no hesitation about it."

Helio Wins Edmonton, But Doesn't Win Edmonton...

When Helio Castroneves "blocks," or at least when the folks in the tower think Castroneves ((as the leader)) blocks...

As the leader of the race...

With three laps to go after a caution ended, Will Power tried to catch up to Castroneves and looked ready to pass for first.

Castroneves looked like he held his line past Start-Finish and then, maybe, moved off his line up to the outside to block.

Iffy at best...

"At the end of the day I was always going to do a clean move on Helio," Power said later. "I wasn't going to take a risk of taking us both out. I wouldn't do that to a teammate. I race my teammates clean."

As Castroneves moved high to block Power, Scott Dixon found a lane and passed Power for second.

With two laps to go, race officials black-flagged Castroneves. He ignored the order and raced to the checkered flag. He declined comment after the race.

You see below how Castroneves felt after getting jobbed...

((HT: Indycar/Versus))

Oh, and by the way, Milka Duno finished dead last...

Sergio Kindle falls down stairs and gets hurt....

And we thought it was only baseball players who get strange, odd injuries. It appears that the Baltimore Ravens draft pick, Sergio Kindle won't be in camp this week, with...or without a contract.

No, Kindle is currently sitting in a hospital in Austin, Texas. He's in the hospital because he apparently, according to a report, fell down...not one...but two flights of stairs at a house in Austin.

More from the Baltimore Sun's Ravens blog RIGHT HERE

((Sergio Kindle//Courtesy:

Okay. No, we don't know Kindle and we don't know his background or history...but does anyone else think this sounds a bit odd? He did , while in college, manage to crash into the side of an apartment building in the middle of the night. He was never charged with anything and avoided a breath test.

We aren't saying this wasn't just an unfortunate accident, but one wonders how you fall down two flights of stairs in a house since in most homes, the stairs just really don't line up evenly for that to happen.

Hopefully, it was just a bad accident and Kindle will recuperate and be just fine. But this has the smell of intoxication reeking all over it. We hope we are wrong...but.....

To get an idea of what must of happened...well...maybe it was like this:

Ferrari Fined $100,000 For German GP Orders

Fernando Alonso won the German Grand Prix for his car-owner Ferrari, but the team was fined $100,000 afterward for orchestrating his pass of teammate Felipe Massa.

Ferrari's 1-2 finish wasn't changed by race officials, but more punishment could come from above if desired. Team orders that work a race are a big no-no under Formula One rules. It's like race fixing...

Alonso had more points in the title race, and Ferrari, probably, thought Alonso needed the 25 points that go to the winner rather than Massa.

Felipe Massa led Sunday for 49 of 67 laps before letting Fernando Alonso pass him.

"I don't think I have to say anything to that," Massa said when asked after the race about the instructions. "We work for the team."

Here's the orders... the HQ thinks...
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Michael Schumacher is down with the decision...
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