Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Brandon Banks's friend may have started fight that led to stabbings

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Early Saturday morning, Washington Redskins wide receiver/kick returner Brandon Banks and his friend Christopher Nixon were involved in a fight that led to both men being stabbed.

It had originally been believed both men were attacked by a man, later identified as Jason Shorter, wielding a knife.

However....that's now being questioned by police as the investigation continues. NBC Washington reports that surveillance video shows that Nixon took a swing at Shorter, which started the whole fracas.

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Banks's injuries, though not critical, were a little more serious than first thought. Nixon was in worse shape as both men apparently were stabbed repeatedly.

Again, this illustrates the whole "Be Careful" theory, especially if you are a professional athlete. It appears, according to this report, that Banks himself, wasn't an instigator and in fact may have been just there and tried to defend his friend.

However, Banks's name is the one attached to and identified with this story. Thankfully for him, it doesn't appear any charges are pending and he'll make a full recovery. Hopefully the "Be Careful" message will resonate a little better.

Your TV Report, again from NBC Washington:

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