Monday, February 14, 2011

Art Schlichter in trouble again, this time a scam

The hits, just keep on coming. Art Schlichter, an ex-Ohio State and NFL football player who gained notoriety for his well-publicized gambling addiction, is in trouble yet again.

This time, he's being charged with a 1st degree felony in connection with stealing more than $1 million from someone.

According to reports, he was a part of a sports ticket scam and investigators think there are more victims out there.

The story, from the Columbus Dispatch RIGHT HERE

For his part, Schlichter turned himself in. It's not his first time with legal problems either. He spent 12 years for various fraud and forgery convictions.

His history, quite honestly is too lengthy for us to go into detail with. He was an all-american quarterback in college, made it to the pros, though he was mostly a backup quarterback with the Indianapolis Colts.

Either way, it's a sad commentary on what he was apparently all about that not only did he get in trouble, he can't seem to stop getting in trouble. And this newest case, if true, will keep him in jail for a long, long time.

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