Friday, February 25, 2011

Developing Story: Coach quits after confrontation with player


Two days after video surfaced of Holy Family University basketball coach John O'Connor knocking down and then moving his foot (kicking) one his players, O'Connor has resigned.

The District Attorney's office in Philadelphia had already determined there wasn't cause for charges to be pursued.

O'Connor held a meeting with his team Thursday night and told them his plans.

This comes after video of the incident went national early this week. In the video, you can clearly see O'Connor lower his shoulder into sophomore forward Matt Kravcuk's chest, knocking him to the ground. O'Connor then steps over him and either pushes Kravcuk with his foot or kicks him while screaming.

Having played basketball for many, many years, the lowering of the shoulder like O'Connor did, does happen during games and even practice, but not from the coach. The yelling and screaming, it happens in sports...all the time. If O'Connor kicked Kravcuk, then yeah, he should have been fired...on the spot.

The coach and player both appeared on ABC's Good Morning America Thursday morning, which if you watch the interview, probably wasn't a very good idea. Here is the Fox29 Story:

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