Monday, February 21, 2011

Kobe Bryant wins NBA All-Star MVP in his house

Can't say it--Kobe and LeBron/Courtesy: wally skalij-LATimes
And like every other major sports all-star game, nobody played defense.

NBA's All-Star weekend finished last night with their night to show off. Kobe Bryant of the LA Lakers led the West all-stars to a 148-143 win over the favored East squad last night on his home court at the Staples Center.

Bryant scored 37 points and grabbed 14 rebounds, bascially dominating a game which featured the Miami Heat "Big 3" and 4 out of 5 starters for the Boston Celtics on the East squad.

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Quite honestly, this was a good weekend for the NBA. The game, did well for them. It showcased their best players and the youngsters also had a role in the weeks success.

Perhaps the biggest talk of the week was the Dunk Contest, and for the league and the weekend, that is a good thing. The contest had gotten incredibly stale and uninteresting over the past several years and this years group brought unheard of excitement to it.

As for Bryant, while not forgetting his legal issues of a couple years ago, he's matured into the player and person that he had hoped to become. He's still the most dangerous player in the league when he goes all out and it showed on Sunday. Sure, there are question marks around his team, but do you think anyone wants a part of them...or Bryant in the Playoffs. Bryant doesn't seem to duck and cower over being asked tough questions, but he does a pretty good job of keeping it in perspective.

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And here is Bryant talking about his day. Thanks CBSSports:

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Kobe, in a direct challenge of sorts, shows Lebron that he won't be intimidate­d, and that he can't prevent him from making the dunk he's about to attempt.