Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lance Armstrong Puts Away the Bike

Lance Armstrong/Courtesy:
This isn't a surprise and we only can hope he doesn't go Brett Favre on us. Lance Armstrong announced overnight that he's retiring from competitive cycling.

Mind you he's already retired in 2005, but we think with everything swirling around him combined with the lack of success in the past year, he's done for good this time.

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Don't think for a minute that his retirement will keep Armstrong out of the limelight. He's still under investigation by several entities for possible performance enhancing. He's already been accused, more than once as being a "Blood Doper".

However, he's continuously denied every single allegation and has never tested positive for anything in his system.

It's unfortunate at this point he's going to be known more for that than his achievements in advancing Cancer research. His Livestrong campaign is one of the most successful of all-time. He says that will be his new focus now and we do believe that. However, expect at some point one of the investigations to come to an end. It will be very interesting to see what is found.

The controversy around him makes this commercial even more interesting:

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