Monday, February 21, 2011

Coach suspended after plowing over player

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Whoa! You have to see this video to believe it. Holy Family University basketball coach John O'Connor gets physical with one of his players in basketball practice.

You can clearly see O'Connor lower his shoulder and knock down sophomore Matt Kravchuk during practice, O'Connor kicks him later for extra measure. It's followed he by an expletive filled rant from the coach afterwards.

Kravchuk filed a police report saying he was assaulted.

Your can read the story from RIGHT HERE

Wow! We aren't condoning what happened because it's wrong. O'Connor clearly should have pulled up before making contact. Yes, basketball is a physical game, much more so than you would think, but really, was that necessary?

The school, which plays Division II hoops in the Philadelphia area, will have another coach leading the team.

Here's your video from FOX 29, and it's well worth watching:

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