Monday, February 21, 2011

Jarrett Jack charged with DUI

Jarrett Jack Booking photo/Courtesy: gwinnett co.sheriff's/

This...isn't good. Especially on NBA All-Star weekend. New Orleans Hornets guard and former Georgia Tech standout Jarrett Jack, spent the early morning hours of Monday in trouble with the law.

The reason...he was pulled over in Snellville, Georgia and charged with DUI.

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We knew, and covered Jack when he was at Tech and we know he has a lot of ties to the Atlanta area. But we wonder what the bloody hell he was thinking? While he was borderline "Over-the-limit", he should never have put himself in that situation.

Jack hasn't been an incredible success in the NBA, playing for 4-teams in the past 6-years. But he's been a solid backup player and carved out a moderately successful career for himself. No, this won't cost him his job, but it will make his employers nervous, whether he's convicted or not. Professional sports owners don't like their investments having legal issues, and while there are far worse things he could have done, a DUI is fairly high on the list of no-no's.

Here's Jack hitting a game winner in the ACC Tourney several years ago against North Carolina...somewhere on the baseline in the group of cameras, was yours truly...

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