Monday, February 28, 2011

Dude Perfect guys sell out to NCAA, Still hit crazy shots

We've...on occasion chronicled the exploits of the "Dude Perfect" guys. They've achieved some level of fame for their crazy basketball shots that they shoot video of and post to YouTube.

They've been on everything from the SportsBlogs to CBS News showing off what they can do. And really, they are a group of college kids from Texas who just came up with a kind of good gimmick.

Nowadays, they shill for the NCAA. Not because we consider them sell-outs, we don't. They are doing what's best for business. What we find funny is the NCAA's attempt at trying to become cool and hip.

Here are the "Perfect" guys hitting crazy shots, all over Houston, Texas which by...."Coincidence" the home of this years NCAA Final Four.

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