Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cuban Mad At NBA For Hornets Trade

And, I think, the HQ is in agreement with him this time...

The New Orleans Hornets have been owned by the league since early December. Which, technically, means that the owners are responsible for 1/29th of the operating costs.
When the team is allowed to make a trade that adds a pro-rated salary figure to the operating costs, that gets guys like Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban all fired up.

Here's JW Stewart with details inside the localized SportsCenter
((HT: ESPN))

"I don't have a problem if they go dollar-for-dollar, great, more power to them," Cuban said. "You could see if it was like a marquee guy and he's going to bring in lots of dollars. No disrespect to Carl Landry, but I don't see that's the way it works. It's just wrong. I'm one of the owners. The league is supposed to just give them a budget and it never dawned on me that the budget would say you can spend more money to bring in players."

Cuban looks at every business he has with a businessman's acumen. While the Mavs certainly are one of the bigger play-toys he has, it's still a business. When an investment is supposed to be break-even or profitable, it's one thing. When you're propping up someone else's business, it's something else entirely.

Especially, if there's no immediate return...

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