Wednesday, February 23, 2011

University of Tennessee: Notice of Allegations expected soon

Bruce Pearl/Courtesy:
It looks like the University of Tennessee will be "Officially" notified sometime this week that the NCAA enforcement staff will be spelling out their investigation to the school. They'll have 90 days to respond.

The Vols have had a run of trouble over the past couple of years, from the brief tenure of Lane Kiffin to the recent troubles of basketball coach Bruce Pearl. The one new allegation we weren't aware of; the baseball program is being investigated too.

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The school is definitely going to get in trouble. However the severity of the punishment, probably won't be known until sometime this summer. On their side, the school has been somewhat proactive with basketball coach Bruce Pearl, terminating his contract and making him work under a Letter of Appointment.

However, they have no control over the actions of Kiffin or the baseball team. It does however, seem like the basketball program is facing the brunt of the charges and probably should. The violations, as they are outlined, will get the team...and the school in trouble, we just don't know how much.....yet.

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