Monday, February 28, 2011

Two High Powered Agents have "Issue" at NFL Combine

Pat Dye Jr./Courtesy:

Mind you, it wasn't with each other. No, actually, Pat Dye Jr. and Jimmy Sexton have combined their agent forces to become a somewhat regional "Superteam" of agents. And....they had a bit of a "Misunderstanding" with the local constabulary and the folks running this weeks NFL Scouting combine.

According to our friends at both SportsbyBrooks and ProFootballTalk, the pair ended up getting handcuffed and detained by police for "Brandishing false credentials". They apparently they used someone from sponsor Under Armour's credentials to get to the Under Armour suite at the player's hotel.

Read the whole story from Pat Dye Jr's perspective and PFT, RIGHT HERE

While this sort of is a "Bending" of the rules, it isn't a "Major Fiasco" either. Really, its kind of stupid-silly. Agents, of any sort, should not be allowed anywhere near where these guys were trying to go while at the combine.

Sure, we realize that the event is now as much a corporate--for the Media event as anything put on Live TV these days. But with the problems agents as a group are having with their images, perhaps Mr. Dye and Mr. Sexton should probably have waited a couple of days before reuniting with their newest money manufacturers.

Enjoy the one video that truly sums this all up:

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