Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This is why the Bowl system stinks: Fiesta Bowl CEO being investigated

John Junker/Courtesy: Fiestabowl.org
We had heard rumblings of this story a couple of months ago and now it sounds like it is playing itself out.

Reports started surfacing Monday that the man who runs the Fiesta Bowl and is one of the, if not the most powerful voice on the top-tier college football bowl system, John Junker was being investigated. Junker is being investigated for potential financial irregularities as under his watch.

Yes, the man also makes nearly $600,000 a year for essentially organizing a (one) college football game a year.

Read more from the Arizona Republic RIGHT HERE

Sure, Junker is on "Paid administrative leave", but we suspect he'll be back. This whole thing goes back to something that we...and many other reporters rail on about all year long. It points back to the corruption and greasy money made by college bowl games.

If you ever want to know why the BCS will never go away. Or the bowl system the way it's currently set-up will never go away. Because there are too many people like Junker making a king's ransom running them. If a playoff was in place, there would be no need for people like him. Or for that matter the $200k he spent paying lobbyists.

That of course leads to another question. Why the h-e...double l would a college football game need political lobbyists? And another one. If the BCS games are all but pre-determined, then why do the guys in the god-awful colored sports coats (see above), need to show up at random college football games?

Just askin'...

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