Monday, February 28, 2011

Doofus Cheerleader Nearly costs Louisville a game

The Incident Screen Grab/Courtesy:
Jordan Alcazar, a male cheerleader at the University of Louisville will be hearing about this for the foreseeable future.

The "3rd Year" cheerleader did something really stupid on Sunday. At the end of the Louisville/Pittsburgh game, he ran on the court after a Louisville dunk with 0.5 seconds left in OT, which gave the Cardinals a five point lead. The problem. Alcazar ran on the court, grabbed the ball after the dunk and threw it in the air. The BIGGER problem....the game wasn't over.

Alcazar got a technical, Pitt got to shoot two free-throws, making it a 3-point game. They couldn't hit a three at the buzzer to tie it, but imagine if they did....

The story from the Louisville Courier-Journal RIGHT HERE

And video of the "Cheeerleader Incident"

Louisville Coach Rick Pitino was less than thrilled after being asked about it after the game. He was politically correct and didn't say anything bad about it, but he looked...a bit ticked off.

Here's the post-game from the Courier-Journal, though you have to sort through a few commercials 1st, sorry:

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