Friday, February 18, 2011

DEVELOPING: Sypher Sentenced To 87 Months

Karen Sypher has been sentenced to 7 years and 3 months in a federal prison and 2 years supervised release after being found guilty of extortion, lying to the FBI, and retaliation against a witness.

Sypher could have received a sentence of 4 ½ years to 9 years in federal prison based on federal sentencing guidelines.

Judge Simpson decided on the lowest end of the range of possible sentence, saying that the range he has settled on was from 87-108 months. 87 months was the lowest Sypher could have received within the range Judge Simpson selected. In sentencing Sypher, Judge Simpson said, “this is a serious crime because it involves serious money.” Simpson said it was a brazen offense, driven by "sheer greed."

Here's coverage from our friends at WHAS-TV in Louisville..

Sypher had demanded, as part of the extortion from Pitino, items with an appraised value of US$4.4-million- not including the college education demands she made. Her attorneys wanted their claims that Sypher suffered from ADHD and PTSD to be included in the consideration of her sentencing term.

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