Friday, February 25, 2011

Two Groups Interested In Hawks, Thrashers, Philips... Really...???

((HT: AJC/Vivlamore))

Not much to update off the headline except the idea that neither group is close to signing anything on the line which is dotted. No paperwork has been filed. Both groups want to keep the teams in Philips, and one idea has some "developmental" aspects added to the proposed purchase.

Presumably, that means that what is referred to as "The Gulch," the undeveloped parking lot area adjacent to the railroad tracks and the arena itself, would be developed. Into what, no one has said. And the space for variances to construct anything other than parking decks would come, instantly, into question...

Vivlamore adds that it would take at least two months for any kind of vetting process to get an ownership swapping point. But out of town groups have been mentioned in efforts to move the Thrashers to three Canadian towns- Hamilton, Winnipeg, and Quebec City.

A group has surfaced on the Internets: Keep The Thrashers at

Chris Ciovacco has surfaced as the leader of the pack, and was recently interviewed by our friends at WXIA-TV in Atlanta.

They're planning rallies of support at upcoming home games.
The HQ anticipates tens of people to turn out.

Here was the mention of just how dire the situation is for trades with the Thrashers as we get to the Trade Deadline Monday. The comments are from Pierre LeBrun, Ron McLean, and Glenn Healy on CBC-TV and the "Satellite Hotstove" from Saturday night.
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The clock tick-eth...

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