Tuesday, February 22, 2011

One Day, Two Lawyers... Updyke Now A Hot Potato

A third attorney has asked to withdraw from representing Harvey Almorn Updyke, Junior. Earlier in the day, that number was only as high as two lawyers.

Montgomery's Jerry Blevins filed a motion to Lee County Circuit Court citing an "irreconcilable conflict" between himself and defendant Harvey Updyke Jr.

Blevins replaced Jerry Hauser, who filed a motion to withdraw from the case because of a potential conflict of interest- EARLIER IN THE DAY!!! His wife, Margaret Fitch- Hauser, is head of Auburn's department of communication and journalism.

Which the HQ can see...

The court appointed Hauser Friday after Philip Tyler was allowed to withdraw. Tyler, who also had been court-appointed also cited conflicts - including his former job as an assistant professor at the university.

Here's a profile piece WAAY-TV in Huntsville ran on Updyke... who is really up a creek without a paddle...
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