Monday, April 25, 2011

Bowling At Jerry World


With the NFL lockout in effect Cowboys Stadium might be un-occupied during the fall. At least Jerry Jones' palace will have a gig to host this summer.

In June Cowboys Stadium will host the U.S. Women's Open bowling event. It's the women's national championship in bowling.

Wooden lanes will be placed at midfield for the championship rounds.
Normally the U.S. Women's Open is held in bowling centers with a few hundred spectators crowding the facility.

This summer that won't be a problem. Plenty of good seats for this one.

I bet you are wondering what is the attendance record in bowling?

Glad you asked. 7,212 watched the Men's Open at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit back in 1995. I'm betting that record will be safe. No fans will be kicked out of the building for violating the fire code, like last February's Super Bowl.

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