Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Your NFL Strike Update--We're back and so is the stupidity (Rich vs. Rich Day 1,341)

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Did you miss me? Don't pay any attention to the day on the headline, much like this idiotic lockout, it's somewhat irrelevant to pretty much anything.

When we last spoke, the two un-interested parties were beginning forced mediation in Minneapolis. Surprisingly, nothing has come of this mediation. Actually, we aren't surprised at all.

There have been a few, odd news and notes type of things going on...so we'll just cut to the chase.

**Note**--We are fully aware the NFL schedule will be released later today. We'll do a separate story on it.

Over the weekend, our pal--The Jolly Roger began what the NFL calls a "Series of Fan Conference Calls".  And surprisingly, he said very little. (Again--sarcasm, we aren't surprised at all)

You can read about Goodell's conversation with San Diego Chargers season ticket holders RIGHT HERE

Is it just me...or did that sound scripted.

Anyway. Another element to the public face of this "Dis-agreement" has been waged on Twitter. We follow several people associated with the aforementioned issue and yeah, there's been some rather interesting comments and some name calling and generally some stupid statements coming out.

Through the players, (NFLLockout.com), we came across an interesting blog post from the Houston Chronicle's fan blogger, who ended up in a bit of a Twitter war with NFL VP of PR, Greg Aiello. The reason: She responded to a post of his quoting his boss, which said "We need to get back to talking about ideas to resolve the differences". 

Ok. We can't disagree with that.

The blogger, Stephanie Stradley responded to the tweet..and that's where things got snarky. Her comment was: "Idea 1: Stop making ridiculous proposals". 

Again, maybe a bit snarky, but a legitimate comment.

Aiello's reply: "Advice: Stop making ridiculous comments". (Sigh!). Greg. You shouldn't be saying things like that in a public forum.

Read Stradley's blog, which is exceptionally well detailed RIGHT HERE

We have first hand experience dealing with the folks from the NFL and to be quite frank; they come off a bit like Mafioso's. We know they aren't, but you can't help but think Sorprano's when you meet and speak with them.

We again, reiterate a point we've made in each and every one of these stories: JUST SHUT UP! Please stop commenting....both sides. Do your business in private and when you can finally act like grown ups and agree on something, then speak.

Neither side has any idea how much people don't want to hear them whine in public. Sorry, we don't. The only ones with a right to complain are the old NFL Alumni, and they've become secondary in this.

Stop whining about money. Stop whining you are being taken advantage of. In the players case, there's an argument that can be made....not the owners. But when "Push comes to Shove" both sides are just being plain greedy. And because of that, we continue to mock and point out the stupidity of both of your arguments.

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