Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Harvey Updyke, alleged tree poisoner: Beaten or Not?

Tiger Express/Courtesy:
Interesting. Brother Jon reported earlier this afternoon (Wed.) on a court hearing for Harvey Updyke, the man accused of poisoning the tree at Toomer's Corner in Opelika, Alabama. We'll use that story as the frame of reference for this one.

Mr. Updyke claims that shortly after the court hearing today, while making his way home, he stopped at a convenience store just outside of town where he alleges he was attacked and beaten by two assailants and taken to the hospital for treatment.

The story from RIGHT HERE

However, there is some question now filtering out about the truthfulness of that report. In it, Updyke and his lawyer Glennon Threatt are claiming it is true. That Updyke was cut above his head.

However, read the story closely. The store clerk at the "Tiger Express" didn't see anything and said there were no police or investigators at the store.

The blog HABOTN goes even further, revealing the lack of plausibility of both Updyke and his lawyers comments.

You can read their investigation RIGHT HERE

There is tons of speculation this is a stunt to try and get Updyke's trial taken out of Opelika. The belief is they can't get a fair trial and after the prosecution declined today to cut a plea bargain, could've made this a desperation move.

We hope that if this is a fabrication, that authorities throw the book at these clowns. With just a bit of digging it appears that may be the case. This story just gets more bizarre as it unfolds.

Here's Threatt and Updyke outside the courthouse...
((HT: WVTM-TV Birmingham))

Here's an interview with Glennon Threatt that our friends at WBRC-TV had after the alleged attack...

And continuing coverage from our friends at WVTM-TV in Columbus...


Kris said...

It would certainly be interesting if this does turn out to be a hoax. Stranger things have happened!

phil cantor said...

I'd bet money it is exactly what happened. Just wanted to provide the evidence and let people decide for themselves....