Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nascar fan gets...a bit wound up....(nsfw-language)


Okay. As someone who follows many others on twitter and facebook, we often see video's and stories they report and check them out ourselves to see if it is something of interest.

This is something of interest. The video is of an unnamed NASCAR fan watching this past Sunday's photo finish on her TV. She's seemingly unaware that her reactions are being videotaped.

The original poster, Ben Maller of questions the authenticity of this, saying it could be staged. We disagree. We are very familiar with people who watch races like this (we won't name them), so to see this kind of a reaction isn't a shock.

Watch the video, laugh, but if you are at work, use headphones because there are quite a few curse words involved. And she definitely isn't a Jimmie Johnson fan.

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