Wednesday, April 27, 2011

BREAKING: Judge denies NFL motion to stay: League gets desparate

Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith/Courtesy:
It's almost over, we promise. The NFL Owners have been beaten more times than the Detroit Lions over the past couple seasons. Only this beating was administered in court.

We told you Monday about Judge Susan Nelson ruled for the NFLPA (not a union) in their argument that the league's lockout was illegal. Judge Nelson agreed.

The judge gave the league until the end of business today to make a case as to staying her decision pending an appeal. Tonight, she said "No".

More from the Washington Post RIGHT HERE

The appeal has been filed in the 8th Circuit Court in St.Louis and is expected to be heard by them. But the onus at this point is on the league to convince the court that Judge Nelson was wrong. Most legal experts are in agreement--that ain't happenin'.

What does this mean? Not much. The confusion will continue. Players will for the most part keep their distance until there is some guidance. We suspect the teams may have to open for business, even if it's for a short period of time, but quite honestly, we aren't sure. This is somewhat new ground for everyone involved. We worry--a lot that the Jolly Roger was trying to sell the woe the owners are going to suffer here. We are reasonably certain, that woe isn't going to make them broke, despite what the Commish says.

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