Friday, April 22, 2011

Gotta Love Micheal Ray Richardson... Another Nutty For The Ages...


He's never minced words on any topic... and he's always tried to get back to the show any way possible as a coach, but this may hold him back a while...

MRR was coaching a team called the Lawton-Fort Sill Cavalry in something called the "Premier Basketball League."

Here's what happened at the end of game three of the PBL championship series...
Business picks up with Micheal Ray at the 1:30 mark... and the 2:45 mark...
((HT: Lawton Constitution))

Richardson was upset at the whistles in the series and the inequity in free throws.

From Aber's article:

In the final game, Rochester had 43 free-throw chances to the Cavs' 14, including an 18-1 edge after halftime.

In the series, Rochester had 132 free-throw tries to Lawton-Fort Sill's 47. In the semifinals, Rochester had 299 free-throw shots to Quebec's 128.

“The owner of the league owns the franchise in Rochester. It's a joke,” Richardson said, also saying the referees were from Rochester.

Lawton and two other Canadian franchises withdrew from the league, and the Cavalry even went back out onto the floor of the arena to their fans, and declared themselves league champions.

The majority owner of the Rochester franchise also just happens to be league founder and chairman of the board...

What's the phrase about the duck...???

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