Thursday, April 28, 2011

Update: NFL opening the doors Friday

Charlie Batch and Ryan Clark at Steelers Facilities/Courtesy: Jared Wickersham-Getty
It appears your football jones will be on high the next couple of days. The NFL draft is only minutes away as we write this story and the league has told teams they can open their doors and resume business, to an extent, beginning on Friday morning.

By now we've heard about the draft. Heck, the talking heads on TV have been talking about it since the beginning of January. And yes, players are starting to trickle into their respective team facilities.

For a pretty detailed description of where we are in terms of the lockout we recommend the primer written by ESPN's Lester Munson, who is always on top of all issues legal.

You can read his story RIGHT HERE

Essentially, per the NFL, players can use team facilities to work out, get examined and medical treatment along with some meetings and setting of schedules. But...there won't be any transactions...yet.

Read more about what is allowed from the Miami Herald RIGHT HERE

So, sit back, relax...take another swig of your beer and enjoy the draft. Lord knows there has been enough advance hype for a class that is generally considered overrated. And rest easy knowing that despite the desperate appeals of the owners, you'll get your football in roughly 2-3 months.

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