Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bobby Knight and Kentucky basketball: The war continues

Bob Knight/Courtesy: collegesportsfeed.com
This is nothing short of odd. We may be a day or two late in reporting the 1st part of this story. You know, the part where College basketball coaching legend and ESPN analyst Bob Knight calls out John Calipari and the University of Kentucky.

Knight, apparently on Saturday took umbrage with Calipari and the 2009 Kentucky basketball team. Answering a question during a speech at Wabash University, he accused UK of starting 5 players that didn't go to class that semester. Blaming that as a reason for a "One-and-done philosophy" now permeating college hoops.

Well, Kentucky responded today. Wildcat AD Mitch Barnhart saying Knight's assertion was "Blantantly erroneous" and "The University of Kentucky, our student-athletes and their families take great offense" to what was said.

Read the full story from the Lousiville Courier-Journal RIGHT HERE

This is stupid. Knight knows better. Or he should. Sure, we've taken shots at Calipari and Kentucky, but we would make that assertion, not without proof. And he didn't have any proof. There's plenty of proof that several of the UK players were actually pretty good students. Sure, there were some issues (ie: Eric Bledsoe), but none were proven.

Knight isn't wrong about one thing. The "One-and-done" issue in College basketball should be addressed. It's a problem. College football requires at least 2-years of players and there's no legitimate reason basketball can't do the same. Yeah, we know we've harped on the NCAA and their lack of commitment to anything academic or for the athlete.

But keeping kids in school another year doesn't hurt anyone. The money is going to be there. If they are good enough to leave after one season. They'll be good enough to leave after two. And maybe, just maybe they might catch on to the idea of getting their degree. It's just a thought....

Here's the video/speech that started the war. You'll have to skim through the really annoying titles/graphics to get to it. Sorry. (Courtesy: Joedctalk)

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