Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ohio State's problems keep getting worse

Jim Tressel/Courtesy:
((ht: Columbus Dispatch))

There may very well have been an even bigger reason that Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel lied about what he knew about his players involvement with  Columbus area tattoo artist and alleged drug dealer Edward Rife.

Turns out the transactions were much more involved..and numerous than people thought.

The Columbus Dispatch got a hold of some documentaion from the U.S Department of Justice spelling out the details. Many of the transactions were "Trades" something "Technically" not an NCAA violation and not something new, which would not put the players in any more trouble.

Read the Columbus Dispatch story RIGHT HERE

While true that it doesn't add any more allegations or charges to what is already out there (partially because it was already known by authorities), it gives even more perspective and paints a worse picture of the problem.

What it does is put Tressel's lies in more focus. If he knew about some of this, he knew about all of this. He very obviously knew that what was done was bad. And you can call it "Trying to protect the kids", you can call it "Doing what's best for the team", but you'd be wrong. It makes Ohio State no different than any other team that's been caught with its hand in the cookie jar and we can only hope that the NCAA doesn't wimp out let them off easy. 

Here's WBNS-TV's coverage... Andrea Cambern is at the center of the adult table...

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