Friday, April 22, 2011

Your NFL Strike Update: Monday, monday (Rich vs. Rich--Day 1,575)

Hooray! Or not. Will Judge Susan Nelson issue a ruling on Monday? Maybe. Of course it could rain too. Or be sunny outside. Or we could have an earthquake. Or a Volcano could erupt. Or somebody could do something stupid.

Or, we could stop rambling about it.

Here's a breakdown (for what its worth) of the latest from our friends at FOXSports:

Yawn! So nothing really is going to change anytime soon. But...if you've been reading this on a regular already knew that.

So, we're going to finish here. We're going to stop rambling. We aren't going to subject you to a weekend of stupid, non-sensical stories about a...stupid, non-sensical labor issue.

With that in mind...we give you a parody...because we mock the Lockout/Strike/NFLPA (Not a union!) and the NFL....enjoy a mocking of the worst song in the history of songs...Friday....the Chad Vader version:

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