Monday, April 25, 2011

Your NFL Strike Update: To end or not to end...(Rich vs. Rich--Day 1700)

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We're back. We are unable to do this on the weekends for a variety of reasons, but hope that you are tuning back in on Monday to listen to the latest rants on the stupidity that is known as the Lockout/Strike.

In today's episode, there's been a bit of posturing and at least all the reporters are on the edge of their collective seats anticipating a ruling from U.S Federal Court Judge Susan Nelson on the NFLPA (not a union) motion to end the silly lockout.

While we can see the possibility of Judge Nelson making her ruling today,we don't throw a lot of weight behind it. Whatever she decides, it will immediately be appealed. And when we say immediately, we mean it could be shortly after the decision comes out of her mouth.

In the meantime, we are in the midst of draft week...and quite honestly, it can't get over with soon enough. We've been subjected to an inordinate amount of speculation and nit-picking about a bunch of 22-year old kids. Unlike most football fans, we HATE the draft, because it may be the single most over-thought event in the history of Sport.

We'll spare you our draft rant...for now and move on to our pal...the Jolly Roger. He spoke over the weekend to USA Today Football Writer Jarrett Bell.

In the interview, Bell asked Mr. Commish about quite a few "Lockout" related issues. As expected, Goodell was somewhat vague about how things are going, though he indirectly references something that is being floated, we think by the league, that the players are trying to get rid of the Draft. We doubt the truth-iness of that claim, but we'll refrain from commenting.

Read the entire interview in USA Today RIGHT HERE

George Martin/Courtesy:
Also, we've come across a very interesting story. It's the story of NFL Alumni president George Martin. Martin feels his group is being left behind in the current discussions. He has issue with the way the NFLPA (not a union), has treated both he and his group. If true, this just plain wrong. The current players wouldn't be where they are without the alumni and whether then NFLPA (not a union) thinks the group is in the owners hip pocket or not, that's just wrong.

Read the George Martin story from the New York Times RIGHT HERE

I'm not sure what to say here. The NFLPA (not a union) does and has bother me....a lot. While we respect their right to protect their members and get a better deal for them, we question the method. Mind you, the owners aren't exempt from this criticism, they've been incredibly arrogant and obstinate through this whole process.

But why would you exclude the people who mean the most from the debate. Yeah, we know Carl Eller and a group of Alums have claimed a place in the class action against the league, but that is a bit different.

The other issue is this. We still don't understand and may never understand player claims of poverty. Sorry, not buying it. I can't speak for everyone here, but even if I were in the league, making the minimum, I'd be able to find the money to buy insurance if I had to. Even if I were making the minimum, I would have invested a good chunk of that money for my future. Even if I were making the minimum, I'd be happy at the thought of more but let me just say this...."If I were making the league minimum, it would be about $350,000 a year more than I currently make now. Just sayin'........

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Atlanta Roofing said...

Yeah, I was wondering what exactly is stopping us. Does the old CBA allow free agency to start immediately or does the NFL have to open it up? If the NFL has to open it up then the rulings mean nothing, they won’t open it until after the appeal is done regardless of a stay or no stay. If the NFL doesn’t have to open it up, then I don’t understand why Kolb isn’t traded right now.