Monday, April 25, 2011

Hawks don't believe in Magic: NBA Playoffs

A brief recap of the 3-month long NBA Playoff season is in order here:

To the apparent surprise of more people than it should, the Atlanta Hawks last night again took advantage of the Orlando Magic and now lead their best of 7 series, 3-1.

The Hawks, possibly the most schizophrenic team in the history of the NBA, matchup incredibly well with the 4th seeded Magic and if its possible, they've managed to out think Magic coach Stan Van Gundy.

Michael Cunningham of the gives you the Atlanta re-cap RIGHT HERE

Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel with the Orlando version RIGHT HERE

The 5th seeded Hawks, despite losing their last 6 games leading into the playoffs, look the better prepared of the two teams.

The strategy has been simple. Leave Dwight Howard alone, if he scores 40 points so be it. The Hawks have managed to play the other 4 guys Orlando puts on the floor very well. Orlando's other 4 guys can only shoot what my former High School coach called "Dollar Bill" jump shots (meaning they can't jump over a $1 bill). And they aren't making them. At all. The Magic haven't adjusted to this and thusly will lose this series if not Tuesday, then by the end of the week.

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