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Jim Tressel E-Mails: "Stupid Media" and other things revealed

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(Note-We are already updating a story we just published)

It appears the NCAA has already sent a "Notice of allegations" to Ohio State president Gordon Gee. The Columbus Dispatch got a copy of it. In the report, Head Coach Jim Tressel is accused of dishonesty for hiding the violations by 7 of his players.

**UPDATED**--The Notice can be read HERE--names were redacted

Read the whole story, which includes a mention that Tressel, Gee and AD Gene Smith will be meeting with the NCAA infractions committee on August 12th. They'll be asked to explain themselves. And no, this doesn't bode well for Tressel's future job security.

The story from Ken Gordon of the Dispatch, RIGHT HERE

In a separate and what was going to be our original story:

It's about the e-mails. This isn't an incredible "Holy Crap" revelation, but it sheds a bit of light and depth to the lie the Ohio State Football Coach Jim Tressel threw upon his bosses at the school.

Of course, the e-mails are related to the "Memorabilia for Tattoo" trading issues that some of Tressel's players were involved with. Those players, 7 of them--including star quarterback Terrelle Pryor, are facing a 5-game suspension for this upcoming season as is the coach.

In a story published this morning, the Columbus Dispatch was able, through a public records request, to get copies of Tressel's phone and e-mail records. (Public school=public records). Although conveniently, Ohio State wasn't able to produce all the correspondence or is claiming so.

Read about the investigation from the Dispatch RIGHT HERE

The emails and phone records paint a "Not-so-good" picture of Tressel's actions once he found out about the transgressions. It certainly clarified that he tried to let others know what was coming and tried to protect them. It also clarifies that he made a conscious decision not to tell his bosses about what he knew.

Among the exchanges between Tressel and Ted Sarniak, a friend of Pryor's from his hometown in Pennsylvania, were a couple of phone calls, emails and forwarded emails from Chris Cicero, the former player/attorney representing the Tattoo parlor owner.

Tressel also communicated quite a bit with Cicero. One of the conversations went like this: Cicero to Tressel: "My suggestion is to tell (blacked out name) and any other player....tell them that BEFORE they talk to anybody, or respond to anybody that the MUST contact you first...especially if some "STUPID MEDIA" would get wind of this."

Well, gentlemen. The "Stupid Media" did get wind of this and now they are digging for more. There are rumors starting to circulate out of Columbus that over the long haul, Tressel isn't going to survive this and quite possibly, he shouldn't.

It's one thing to have his players do what they did. It's wrong, but the coach can't easily control that. Tressel's problem stems from the lying and what is starting to become apparent--that he tried to cover it up.

It will be interesting to see if or how the NCAA deals with this. The NCAA has a reputation of being soft on the big schools. However, there haven't been many big schools that have to deal with something alternately stupid and revealing about the actions of their "Big-Time" head coach.

Here's the Sweater Vest dressed a bit differently, talking about the Spring Game, his last game until mid-way through the upcoming season. Thanks

Here's the Columbus reaction so far, thanks to our friends at WBNS-10tv...


Atlanta Roofing said...

I think Tressel survives it. If the university decides they aren't going to go to bat for him and prove why he should stay, I would expect to hear they are letting him go pretty soon. Do you really wait until August to fire your head coach 3 or 4 weeks before the season starts? Sure, he is suspended for 5 games, but I just can't picture the university waiting until then to let everyone know they aren't going to fight to keep him on board.

phil cantor said...

He will make it through the upcoming season. Smart money says he'll be asked to "Retire" after the season is over.
Any sanctions won't be decided on before season ends. But there is no way he can survive this. There have been 8 coaches with similar type problems, all have lost their job. The "retirement" thing will be the most polite way to get rid of him.