Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Your NFL Strike Update: Scheduled but not playing (Rich vs. Rich--Day 1935)

NFLPA (not a union) Head DeMaurice Smith/File
In today's episode, we find out the NFL releases a regular season schedule. Sportswriters and broadcasters rejoice. Certain fans are confused and the rest of us don't really give a shit. (sorry for the language)

Without getting too detailed in the details. Yay! (sigh). Wow, this really doesn't mean a whole lot right now. Some of the features include the New York teams getting to play/remember 9/11, the Green Bay Packers playing on every holiday and the Washington Redskins (can we say Redskins? Jon?), yeah, the Redskins will still suck. (Sorry J-Dub)

For those interested, gives you everyones schedule in PDF form RIGHT HERE

And for those interested in news about our favorite subject, the Lockout...well, there isn't much news. The 4-letter seemed to make a very big deal over the fact that both sides met on Tuesday. And that the Jolly Roger and Jerry World were part of the leagues group. Yawn!

But, in the spirit of keeping up with the Jones's (Jerry joke), we give you the NFL's latest PR Spin. In that spin, they take umbrage with NFLPA (not a union) head DeMaurice Smith's claim that the average players career is only 3.2 years. They apparently spent a lot of time researching this.

Their rebuttal, you can read about it RIGHT HERE

Realistically, much like we said when the subject of Mediation came up, nothing is going to happen. Though it would probably be in the owners best interest for an agreement to be made, we don't expect it. Judge Susan Nelson, who heard the case for the players trying to sue the league to in part force them to open their doors, is expected to weigh in soon. It's been two weeks since she said she'd rule in a couple of weeks.

So, expect nothing significant to happen. And even if it does and the Judge makes a ruling, expect it to be appealed. Which essentially means that, well, we will be exactly where we are today. We'll be sitting and looking at gleeful writers and TV guys gushing about the nuances of this years schedule, knowing full-well, that it could be completely meaningless if both sets of children can't agree on anything.

Perhaps they should try this:

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