Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No Plea Deal For Al From Dadeville, UPDATE: Updyke Assaulted Afterwards

The lawyer for "Al From Dadeville" says prosecutors rejected a plea deal where his client would have avoided serving additional time in jail.

Defense attorney Glennon Threatt Jr. said he made what he calls a "low-ball" offer to the DA for his client, Almorn Harvey Updyke Jr., but prosecutors refused any deal. Threatt waived the preliminary hearing set for Wednesday as part of a deal for limited discovery in the case which will go before a Lee County ((AL)) grand jury next month.

“If he gives me anything now, I’m better off,” Threatt said."We had made what was an optimistic deal. As a defense lawyer my first job is to keep my client out of jail if I can. It seemed to me somebody should reach out and start negotiations."

Threatt maintains he would prefer an alternative sentencing - possibly outpatient mental health counseling, electronic monitoring and supervised probation.

Updyke is free on bond, but if he is convicted, he could face up to 10 years in prison.

Here's the magical phone call to the "Paul Finebaum Show..."
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Threatt said Updyke told local police when he was initially interrogated that he didn't poison the trees. One of the trees is already showing signs of the effects of the Spike80DF while the other isn't to that stage yet.

2000 UPDATE: Updyke was apparently assaulted at a nearby gas station on his way home.

He told an Opelika, Alabama officer he was attacked when he stepped out of his car at a gas station on Birmingham Highway, according to Opelika Police Captain Allan Elkins.

Updyke claims that he was punched in the head, and believes there was more than one person involved. But Elkins said Updyke didn't see who may have done it. The gas station did not have surveillance video, and there were no witnesses.

“He has not really been too cooperative at this point,” Elkins said

Updyke was treated for small bruises and scratches at a hospital.

The HQ would like to welcome Updyke to his version of hell...
It has begun...

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