Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Your Last NFL Strike Update--More wrangling (Rich vs. Rich--Day 2112)

We've decided that barring some sort of stupid maneuver taking place in the next couple weeks, this will be the last of your daily updates.
NFLPA Head DeMaurice Smith/Courtesy: File

When we last left our hero's, the NFLPA (not a union) won the battle of the courts, but like everyone else--they were struggling to determine what it all meant. As for the other guys (the NFL), they too had little idea what to do, probably because they appeared to never conceive of the thought they might lose.

What we ended up with was a smattering of players showing up for work Tuesday morning. For the most part they walked around the building, said hello, and then left.

Take a look at what happened in Cleveland. Thanks WEWS:

As for the rest of our story, it was left--again, up to the lawyers to try and make some sense. NFL Lawyer Jeff Pash told the huddled masses that the appeal have been filed and he expected things to be heard...quickly.

You can read Pash's dissertation RIGHT HERE

For what it is worth. Judge Susan Nelson has gone on record as saying she won't rule on the request for a stay made by the NFL until the end of the day (Wed.).  She wants to hear from the players 1st, and should late Wednesday morning.

If she upholds her decision or the appeals court upholds it, the NFL will have to start business, something they "Should be" prepared to do. They aren't acting like it.

A great summary of where we are and why the Owners are being incredibly stupid and arrogant from the Washington Post and Sally Jenkins. You can read it RIGHT HERE

The NFLPA (not a union) has told players, particularly free agents, to start shopping their services...that its game on. Which we believe it has already been.

What does this really mean? Not much. It's mostly posturing at this point. You'll get your football in 2011. You'll have the honor of paying $95 for upper level seats in the end zone of your favorite stadium. You'll get the chance to pay $10 for your beer and $8 for your hot dogs. You'll get to act the fool and get drunk and curse in the family section because you are too stupid to know any better.

Bottom line. You'll get to see your beloved NFL. For me, while I enjoy the games--particularly if they involve my favorite team, I'll stick to watching on TV. It's much less expensive and I can support the team without giving the owners, who don't really need it,  $200 of my hard earned money.

To sum things up:

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