Thursday, April 21, 2011

Your NFL Strike Update: In the year 2525 (Rich vs. Rich--Day 1,492)

In today's episode, the conspiracy theories abound. The "Mediation" has been put on hiatus, the next time the NFL and the NFLPA (not a union) meet, it will be late Spring....or roughly May 16th, 26 days from now. According to the NFL, this was a request by Federal Court Judge Susan Nelson.

We fully expect Judge Nelson to make a ruling on the "Class Action" suit before then, and the league will appeal after they lose, something most observers believe will happen. And it essentially means by the end of May, we will be exactly where we are today.

The folks at break things down RIGHT HERE

The NFL side believes things have gone well and seem to hint that there's agreement on some things, possibly leading to a settlement. fast as Lee Corso can say "Not so fast my friend"...things are getting a bit weird with the NFLPA. As Brother Jon reported yesterday, word leaked out that allegedly a group of players were splintering with the group formerly known as a union and want their own representation.

However, the NFLPA says this is another attempt by the NFL to splinter them. They point to the attorney mentioned in the Sports Business Journal story yesterday, saying the attorney was employed by the league.

You can read the rebuttal RIGHT HERE

Honestly, we grow weary of this constant above and behind the scene alleged maneuvering. And we suspect most rational fans are too. We just want this to get over with and get over with sooner rather than later. We are tired of the constant acting like 8-year old's and attempts at getting us to relate to something we can't relate to.

Just shut up. Please shut up. To both sides, we plead that you just go about your business and move on. You are all talking about monies we can never relate to. But we've said that before. Just realize that we may or may not decide to allow you to build your lavish, over the top, palaces that we can't afford to go to. And if you don't know what it is I'm saying, you might want to think about it a bit.

Think about prophecy here guys...prophecy I tell 'ya:

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